A Zombie Engagement Shoot: Soya & Pip

I’m a total sucker for zombies and spooky things! (I LOVE The Walking Dead – I mean, who doesn’t?!) So when Cherry Blossom Photography shared this image of Soya and Pip’s zombie engagement shoot- I emailed her straight away! Ahhhh! How awesome is it?!!

I have been waiting a while to share this engagement shoot with you, but I managed to wait until the awesomeness that is Halloween evening!

“Living in Lincoln they decided to make a weekend of it and drive down to my Hometown Southend-On-Sea, so we planned for the shoot to take place on the beach.

“Then it rained. It poured! We stepped out of the car & were instantly soaked, but they were amazingly good sports & we walked down onto the empty beach, & actually had so much fun regardless of the weather!

“A little rain never killed anyone did it? Plus, being Zombies they were dead anyway (although I nearly drowned)!

“P.S Fellow South-enders don’t be alarmed if you see a brain wash up on the beach any time soon!”


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One response to “A Zombie Engagement Shoot: Soya & Pip

  1. I’m a little bit scared ….. fab though 🙂