A Zebra & Purple Wedding

Good morning! Today I have this super cool wedding of Anthony and Holly for you! Oh my, I love it!

“We grew up one town away in a tiny area. I at the time was in a horrid 9 year relationship with my childrens’ father and Anthony (my husband) had been a good friend. It was apparent one night after catching my “baby daddy” with another girl that it was finally really over. I was at home sad and crying and Anthony called me. He could tell I was upset and invited me to go out dancing. I LOVE to dance! We ended up dancing and talking in the parking lot of the bar until 4 am. We then talked the whole drive home and talked until 6 in the morning when he let me know that he had to leave for work! EEKKK! Poor guy! We texted all that day. When he got off work he told me he was going home to take a nap and would call me when he woke up. I of course didn’t expect to hear from him till the next day. That happened to be the Fourth of July. As I was leaving after our family celebration I was surprised that my phone rang and it was Anthony inviting me over to let off fireworks with him at his place and watch a movie. Well fireworks definitely happened and we have been together ever since!

“Our wedding was completely tailored to us since we planned every detail and did it all ourselves on a budget! It was completely DIY! We had a purple (both our favorite color) and zebra print themed wedding. Our children where apart of it. And we both love Converse Chuck Taylors so we had custom purple and zebra print ones made that where embroidered Mr. Duncan for his and Mrs. Duncan for mine. From our sign in book that was a scrap book of our engagement photos made by me, to my birdcage veil, to the bouquets and boutonnières, to our candy bar and signage…I did it all! I LOVED makes my bouquet! It was so much fun and there was NO way I could have purchased one that was more my style!”

Anthony & Holly don’t have any matching tattoos but she does have his name tattooed on a ribbon that’s holding the key to her anatomical heart on her chest. And he is currently planning to get a portrait  portrait done on him.

The colours in this wedding are so cool! “My husband even had purple and white braided into his hair and then it braided into a kind of mohawk to match our zebra theme!” THAT is awesome! Be sure to leave Holly & Anthony some love. Thank you to

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Photography Credit: Myra’s Photography

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