Love Hearts – Bridesmaid Inspiration


Oh how cute these three girls covered in love hearts are! Brought to you by the fab Silverstar Photographic and a mountain of fantastic suppliers.


“When I was getting married I didn’t really know where to look for ‘alternative’ things for weddings so I just wanted to show potential people getting married that there are more things out there.” explains Michelle. “I had purple and black 50’s rockabilly dresses for the bridesmaids at my wedding and I wanted to show that as long as they are in the same fabric it works REALLY WELL! The dresses really added a bit of fun to the shoot and were the obvious centrepieces of the whole thing.”


“I literally organised this shoot on my own and I was so overwhelmed by the amount of organisations willing to get involved. You mention anything that’s different from the norm and they are all over it! Naturally I approached the more alternative vendors and I wanted to focus on bridesmaids rather than the bride as this was different. I worked around the dresses and decided on a love heart theme.”


“Then came the cupcakes, the stationary, the fascinators, the shoes and the bouquets. Everything fitted in perfectly! I decided on Coombe Abbey as it isn’t an obvious wedding venue and they describe themselves as ‘no ordinary hotel’ so that was perfect! Hair and make up was a 50’s pin up style as that went beat with the theme and just to show that you can go a bit crazy if the theme flows throughout.”

2013-01-17_0009“Ultimately, I think I got my message across- don’t be scared to do something different for your wedding. People will remember it for years to come rather than it just blurring into every other wedding they’ve been to.”

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Models: Charlotte Hayley Griffiths, Ashley Luka Newman, and Verity Eden.
Make up: Danni Shaw
Bouquets: Beaubuttons
Bunting and signs:
The Wedding of My Dreams

Large Bunting Cake: Sarah Edwards Cakes
Jewellery: Okie mO
Fascinators: Purrple Catt’s Crafts
Chair coversJessica Claire Designs

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  1. Wow love this post, I really really want those red, pink & silver shoes – awesome!

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