TATTOO TUESDAY – 29th January 2013

Today I get to introduce you to someone I’ve been admiring over on Instagram for a while. Dea works at Demon Art Tattoo & Piercing in Germany and I had the chance to chat with her last week.

imageMy name is Dea, 28 and born in London UK but raised in Germany. After starting tattooing in Berlin, I am currently working at Demon Art Tattoo in Bitburg.

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“I love this job so much ore than anything I have done before, such as working as art director for Coca-Cola! It allows me to make people smile and draw and paint every day. I am so very grateful for being able to do what I do!

image (5)I have about 20 tattoos and more planned! They all have a more or less personal meanings, but I don’t necessarily think that this has to be a “must” when deciding on a tattoo design! Though, if you have very few tattoos and don’t plan to get heavily tattooed, make sure everything you get inked is something you REALLY want.

image (4) image (7)I get inspired by everything that surrounds me. Sometimes its a picture I see on tumblr, a newspaper article or an tiny animal that I spy in the branches during walking my dog! In general, I love drawing anything cute or funny that brings a smile to my clients’ face!

image (3)“I am getting married in summer, so excited! :D, and decided on a “Jacky Kennedy style” dress. I simply love the contrast of the very chic and elegant dress and the rock ‘n’ roll attitude transported by the tattoos. But with the wedding dress its the same with tattoos: it should underline  your personality!”

Be sure to leave Dea some love – Her work is amazing. You can also connect with Dea on Instagram @lastunicone, Facebook and on her blog.

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  1. Wow i love it all tattoo designs thanks for the sharing beautiful tattoo pictures with us.