A Black Theme Wedding In December – Amy & Paul

Scone-29There’s something beautiful about black & white, It looks so classical. This is exactly how Amy & Paul’s wedding looks. Beautiful. Photographer Kelly Weech is fantastic. Amy & Paul look so happy. 

“We often buy each other tattoo time for birthdays and Christmas. It’s kind of a safe bet as its not just going to sit in the cupboard collecting dust and you get to keep it forever!”

Scone-17“When we told people that we were having black as our colour/theme, I think they expected us to have skulls and some kind of demonic figures everywhere! The actual reason we choose black was because I think it is quite timeless and it gave us an elegant yet simple feel. I wanted nice clean lines. We both said from the start that although we were having a sit down meal, we didn’t want anything too formal, just a nice relaxed atmosphere where all our guests could sit relax and enjoy themselves, especially with having the wedding only three days after Christmas.  The atmosphere, happy go lucky time where we could all eat drink and be merry represented us as a couple. Having all of our family together was quite an important factor as we don’t get to see everyone together very often, we’re all a little scattered around the country .

Scone-3“We did a lot of DIY in the preparation for the wedding,we started by printing and making our own invitations,which was surprisingly easier than we thought but we did keep it simple and in context with the black theme. I also decorated some lanterns to go down either side of the aisle.

2013-01-31_0001“Then the centre pieces I bought artificial flower rings from eBay and hurricane vases from Sainsbury’s as they were reduced down to £2.50 each and shopped around for some candles. I used the same candles from the centre pieces,bought some flowers to match the rings from the centres pieces and made some smaller rings to go around the candles inside the vases.

We also had a sweet table for the children in the evening, I struggled to find dishes and was a little worried about breakages, so I went to our local car boot sales and bought a load of old records, then bought some metal cake stand centres from eBay. One Sunday morning, I cleaned all of the records up then myself and Paul had a great time warping them in to some great shapes and making our own cake/sweet stands. They looked fantastic on the day and have been asked by a few friends if I’d be willing to sell some. 

Scone-39“When I first went to try wedding dresses I had my mind set on a dress with straps which I found on a pre-loved site for a fantastic price. As time drew closer to the wedding, I started to have doubts about the dress as the strap obstructed the humming bird on my left shoulder. Maybe stupidly, I started looking for another dress. Out of the blue one day I decided to look at the wedding dress shop web site where I had gone originally to try dresses on and there it was – a fantastic strapless dress. To make it even better, it had a little black detail on it! I think I decided there and then that was the dress for me. I felt it pulled the whole wedding together with that little black detail. I waited until the Monday, dropped all of the kids at school and whizzed off to the shop to try the dress on without telling a soul! The dress was a perfect fit, needed no alterations and felt great! I bought the dress there and then!!

Scone-32“For me, It’s hard to pin point the highlight of the whole day. I never thought I’d ever get married ,let alone find someone I get on so well with. It’s much more than just a relationship. Paul is also my best friend and he is such a great dad to my two children from another relationship, as well as his two boys. I think its the feeling of being an official proper family. And the cake, the cake was amazing!”

Scone-7How amazing are Amy and Paul! A big thank you to them both and to Kelly Weech Photography for sharing their day with Marry Me Ink today! Be sure to leave them some love!

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