A Rock & Roll Wedding – Corrinne, Duncan & Dexter The Chihuahua

CorrinneDuncanAssassynation-267Good evening, today I get to introduce you to a wonderful couple, Corrinne & Duncan who celebrated their rock and roll wedding with friends & family (including their chihuahua Dexter), complete with temporary tattoos, lots of cupcake goodies, and a rock and roll covers band!

CorrinneDuncanAssassynation-479Corrinne & Duncan had everything from the venue to the candy buffet that represented them as a couple – Including their wedding photographer Assassynation!

“We wouldn’t have had it any other way – it wouldn’t have been ‘us’ otherwise.”

The dress wasn’t my main priority to be honest, even though I knew I wanted a black dress. Black suits me best and definitely show off the colours of my tattoos the best. I was quite specific on what I was looking for, I never once visited a bridal shop as I knew they wouldn’t have what I was looking for and I put my foot down on spending an obscene amount of money on it.

CorrinneDuncanAssassynation-3Corrinne explains how herself and her bridesmaid created their own bouquets..

“Our venue really didn’t need flowers so we looked for alternatives and came across buttons bouquets. We came up with our own plan on how to make them and if I don’t say so myself, they turned out pretty amazing.”


We had temporary tattoos, moustache finger tattoos and a mix of moustaches, hats and glasses props for everyone to enjoy in the photobooth. Duncan was nervous that only the kids would enjoy them and they were a waste of money, but we had plenty of adults joining in and two of our friends enjoyed the moustache finger tattoos that much, a few days after the wedding they actually got them tattooed.


Our friend, who is a tattooist, gave us ‘wedding tattoos’ a couple days beforehand. I have a heart locket tattooed on my leg and Duncan has the secret key tattooed on his arm.

CorrinneDuncanAssassynation-244How great are Corrinne, Duncan and Dexter? I especially loved Corrinnes black dress and Dexter’s bow tie! Thank you to Corrine & Duncan for sharing their special day with Marry Me Ink. Be sure to leave them and photographer Assassination some love!

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