Engagement Photography – 10 ‘Must Do’s’ for looking your best!

Happy Monday morning! Today I get to introduce you to another lovely lady – Jaye of Tux & Tales Photography. It’s that time of year where you might be thinking of having an engagement shoot before your big wedding day, Jaye is here to talk about 10 things you must do when dressing for your engagement shoot.

Engagement photo sessions are an excellent way to get an opportunity to work with your photographer before the big day . They will make you feel more comfortable on the wedding day as well as give you some excellent photos that tell the story of your pre-marriage selves.

1 Tux and Tales_125As a wedding photographer, my clients often ask me for a little advice about what they should and should not wear to their engagement session. Many people have never had to specifically ‘dress for the camera’ – so it is natural to need a little extra guidance. 

1 Tux and Tales_124

1) Wear something you feel yourself in. Nothing makes you feel more uncomfortable in front of the camera than feeling like you are stuck wearing your big sister’s outfit!

2)I know this can seem really basic – but make sure to look over your clothes and make sure there are no small stains or holes. It is so common that I come across a torn pocket, etc only after the photo session has happened!  A little dark spot on a sleeve that we barely even notice in person can look really distracting in a photograph.

3) Coordinate your clothes with your partner (but don’t match – that just looks awkward – lol!). If you are wearing a casual springtime dress, it will look like a real mismatch if your partner is dressed in his best suit and tie. 

4) Leave your handbag and phones at home!  Your photographer cannot carry your handbag and you don’t want it in the picture as it will be distracting. Having to find a ‘safe’ place to ditch it will take away from the spontaneity of the shoot. Similarly, a big smartphone in your pocket may look…. er… a bit naughty.

5) Think about the details of your outfit. Earrings, rings, nail varnish – they all help you achieve a pulled together look.

1 Tux and Tales_1266) Consider the weather. If it is cold outside, perhaps plan to buy a fabulous new hat/scarf set. Wear a coat – but one you are happy to be photographed in as you will not want to be asked to take it off! Gloves are a must – fingers turn purple very quickly and you don’t want photos with beet root hands!

7) Leave the puffy coat at home. We all love the comfort of a duvet coat – but they easily add 1-2 stone in weight in the photos. No one wants to look back at their photos and feel guilty for cake they didn’t even get to eat!

8) Dress for the season. When it is cold and grey outside – a bright spark of colour in your scarf will really pop.  When the sun is shining in the summer – a big pallet of crazy bold colours will look right at home.

9) You get what you give. If you want to look and feel your best in your photos – put your best foot forward by dressing for the occasion. Be the coolest, hippest, funnest you are.  (Funnest IS a word. Really.)

10) A good excuse to go shopping. What a better excuse to hit the shops than a big photo shoot?

Sailor Theme Grey & Blue

Just for the Marry Me Ink brides…. I have hit Polyvore and designed a few fun styles which would look great for your engagement shoot!

Rock and RollMens Red & BlackHow fantastic do these styles look? Is there anything in particular you like? I like the idea of buying a new hat and scarf!

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  1. Lovely photos and some great advice!

  2. Nice job! – I think it’s well-put with a good choice of pics to illustrate the advice.