A Vintage Style Wedding Complete With Skeleton Flamingos And Candles – Nicky & Dan

Nicky+Dan_139When Rebecca Wedding Photography sent me this wedding through, I loved it! From the skeleton flamingos to the skull candles, I was in love with Nicky & Dan’s traditional and intimate wedding.


“Tattoos to us are stories and experiences, meaningful imagery. We love owls, its something we have found ourselves collecting over time so made sense to get an owl with each others name in a scroll.”

Nicky+Dan_439As a tattoo artist, I’m saturated in the love of traditional Tattoo art and am heavily influenced by the 1950s and pin up style . My wedding dress was handmade by Dana Bolton from once upon a dress located in London  with a 50s feel to it, all the bridesmaid were dressed in 1950s style dresses with big petticoats and all our hair was vintage styled by the wonderful Sarah from Sarahsdoowoopdoos located in Bedford.

When deciding on my wedding dress, I had my nan in mind. She’s probably like most Nan’s as soon as I got my first tattoo she started worrying about what I would wear on my wedding day and that I should have it covered….

Nicky+Dan_418As my collection grew and I became a tattoo artist I think she came to terms with the fact they would be hard to hide. But despite that I still had her in mind when designing my dress, I wanted my tattoos to be on show as they are such a bit part of me and I wouldn’t look like myself if my tattoos were covered up. But on the other hand I wanted to keep my nan happy. So I ended up having full sleeves but with a large pattern in the lace, so you could still see all my tattoos but with a vintage feel to the dress.

Nicky+Dan_338 We included everything we love, flamingos in the grass, Skulls as centre pieces, vintage keys, leopard print, Owls, snowflakes to bring the Christmas feel to the wedding.

2013-03-20_0005We collected antique vintage bottles and spent quite a few months melting the candles so the built up the wax down the bottles, we love skulls and although its not the thing to have at weddings its a part of what we love, i bought a mould and spent a while making skull candles for the middle of all the tables. It took a lot of time but in the end looked exactly how we wanted and looked even better when the candle was lit. I then had Christmas wreaths made with flowers from my bouquet to go around the candles Flowers were supplied by Emily Campbell at Manic Botanic in Northampton.

2013-03-20_0007How fantastic is Nicky & Dan’s wedding? OWLS! (I have a slight obsession with them!) I must find where the hanging owl lights were from for my new office (More of that another day).

2013-03-20_0006Be sure to leave Nicky & Dan some love as their wedding is super-awesome! And thank you to Rebecca Wedding Photography for sharing their images with Marry Me Ink!

Check out Nicky Noire’s tattooing here or contact pigments67@me.com for bookings!

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4 responses to “A Vintage Style Wedding Complete With Skeleton Flamingos And Candles – Nicky & Dan

  1. Wow, love this! Those flamingos are a bit damn cool!

  2. awww gorgeous!! that’s where I got married 🙂

  3. Stunning photos. The bride is stunning- I love the dress and fur coat combo! This is how I want to look when I get married xxx

  4. Gorgeous! they both look so happy and love the whole decorations ‘theme’
    where did you get your fur shrug from as I’m looking for one for my wedding ?