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I must admit that I spend hours looking at pictures on blogs. A trend that I really like is the use of moustaches. I honestly don’t know why. At some point when I go through the menopause and grow my own I will hate it. Till then I will stick with the fake tash love.

Here are some suggestions if you love a good moustache and would like to find ways of incorporating it into your accessories.

First up is my first love. Jewellery. There are so many moustache pieces out there but here are a few from some of my favourite jewellery shops online.

newpics0068This Moustache Necklace in Black is from Ginger Pickle. Ginger Pickle has some wonderful stuff and you will be hearing more from them in a future post.

il_570xN.227190903This Vinyl Moustache Necklace is from Yummy Pocket. Yummy Pocket have some serious moustache love. They have some great other items including this Moustache Hair Clip.


If you prefer a Moustache Ring why not this one from BonRobot.

il_fullxfull.354334456This Sugar Skull Day of the Dead Wedding Brooch from The Doll City Rocker would look great. Maybe the groom could wear it instead of a boutonniere.

f8f7a46ea705b50ec7787eeb0333bb67b777bcea.650Speaking of the groom why not these Tatty Devine Moustache Cufflinks from Baltic Mill.

13998If shoes are more your style check these awesome Moustache Heels from Too Fast. Not only do they have a moustache appliquéd on the front but the lining has them too.

mainIf a clutch is more what you are into then check this one out from Lucy King. This Beige Moustache Clutch would be a great addition with or without the chain handle.

So I think I’ve covered all the accessories but if that isn’t enough for you I have one more suggestion. Why not try this Moustache Nail Art Tutorial from Glamour.Com and have all your bases covered. I’m terrible at nail art but I think even I could give this one a go. Have fun with the tash love.


Aren’t Rebekah’s Accessories Ahoy! posts awesome? Be sure to head back next week for some more loveliness from her and Ginger Pickle!

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