Pin It Forward UK

imageWhat is Pinterest?

If you haven’t already seen it, then you’re going to be ridiculously excited! Pinterest is just a online scrapbook or notice/pinboard and it’s SO GOOD!

2013-05-15_0002This is what my Pinterest looks like. It’s full of the stuff I love such as owls, cakes, home decor and most importantly, tattooed weddings.

With Pinterest, it’s SO easy to add stuff to your boards when you’re out and about with the app, or if you’re at your desk or laptop, you can easily add the “Pin It” button to your Bookmarks.

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So, when I’m getting the next Divine Without The Dollar post ready, I’m also pinning stuff to my Products I Love Board when I’m on ModCloth and EtsyAlso, when I post a real wedding on Marry Me Ink, I also pin a photo from this post to the Tattoo Wedding board!

2013-05-15_0001So, why am I telling you all about Pinterest today? Well, It’s exciting to announce that Pinterest is launching officially in the UK, with some more exciting additions and features for the website!

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So what are you waiting for? Sign up to Pinterest here and make sure you go and visit a fellow blogger’s boards and pins tomorrow which is the lovely Emma of The Wedding Dolls! Make sure you check her out tomorrow! It’s so exciting!

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2 responses to “Pin It Forward UK

  1. Love Pinterest. Love your boards!

    It is just so wretchedly helpful.

  2. Thanks for participating in Pin It Forward, Rachael! It’s great to hear that you have found so many inspirations on Pinterest from cakes, home decor & more! I love your Tattoo Wedding board- the Pop-Up tattoo parlour is a great idea! Lauren, Community Coordinator