Introducing SD Photography – Alternative UK & Destination Photography

2013-05-20_0010Today I get to introduce you to a wonderful duo who have fantastically covered Marry Me Ink with their work recently.

2013-05-20_0005Say HELLO to Sarah and Darren of SD Photography

2013-05-20_0009Howdy, we’re Sarah and Darren! It takes no stretch of the imagination to understand why we are called SD Photography – it was just easier that way! Movie geeks, music freaks, vintage floozies, great big foodies and massive animal lovers with a cup of tea or five thrown in the mix and a cherry on top…that’s us. We also LOVE to take photos and weddings make us smile lots!

2013-05-20_0003I have a few random placed tattoos (mostly skulls & stars – you could say I was a bit obsessed!) and currently working on getting my full sleeve done and dusted (finally!) – the design is going to incorporate my huge love of animals and our bunnies will have centre stage (did I mention we have 4?), amongst some weird and wonderful things.

2013-05-20_0001Now, Darren on the other hand, is a complete blank canvas and currently has no ink to show yet! He has been planning his designs for many moons, but just doesn’t have the balls to action these ink dreams of his. (Rather harsh, soz Darren!)

2013-05-20_0004Our style of shooting is creative, fun and a little bit quirky!

We love to make all of our couples we photograph, feel completely at ease, so at some point or another, you will probably hear the worst joke of your life and laugh anyway, because we look like a pair of pillocks!

2013-05-20_0006As well as shooting weddings in good ol’ blighty, we are rather partial to a destination wedding or two! So far we have captured couples tying the knot in Italy, Finland, Germany, Spain & Cyprus, with many more to come this year and next, in the likes of Malta, Sweden and Santorini.


“Distance is no object for us here globetrotters, so let us know your destination and date and we’ll check our diary!”



Be sure to leave them lots of love and to check out their super website!

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