A Sunny Tazmanian Wedding – Rhianna & Mark

MarkRhianna_Final_201This afternoon I get to introduce you to the wonderful Rhianna & Mark where their Tasmanian wedding took place outdoors and photographed by the wonderful Lakshal Perera AKA Lucky.

MarkRhianna_Final_294Taking place in the grounds of Quamby Estate, Tasmania, Rhianna & Mark had a beautiful day full of sunshine, family and friends. Even their dog Duncan had a part to play being their ring bearer.


“We don’t stress about much and we wanted our family and friends to have a great time”

2013-05-27_0001I was having a BBQ across the way from Mark’s work. It was a last minute thing so I had forgotten few things so I thought I would ask the restaurant across the road if I could borrow some tongs. I went in to ask and Mark’s response was “You can have some tongs, but only if I can have your number” and I wrote it down, took the tongs and ran giggling like the little school girl I was. On our wedding day our best friend gave us some barbecue tongs that had “Stuck Together Forever” engraved on them. It made us so happy! 

MarkRhianna_Final_052The highlight of our wedding day was getting married! But it was also seeing all our most loved feeling as happy as we did and involving them in our hand fasting ceremony.

MarkRhianna_Final_155I collected tea cups and saucers to plant succulents in to use as name card holders and gifts. I made 20 odd pompoms that I hung from the ceiling and I hand cut all the table runners.

MarkRhianna_Final_075I collected vases for the flowers from tip shops and op shops. I also made cake stands from plates and candle stick holders and I made all the photo booth props.

MarkRhianna_Final_224My mum helped me with so much of the DIY and we spent so long on those bloody pompoms but we loved it, it wouldn’t have been the same without the DIY. 


“I knew what kind of dress I wanted from the start.”

I was worried with the style of dress that people would think I was trying to cover up my tattoos when really, I just loved the style of dress and I wasn’t trying to hide them at all. 

MarkRhianna_Final_125How fabulous do Rhianna & Mark look? I love their hand fasting ceremony too. Be sure to leave them both and their photographer Lucky some love!

MarkRhianna_Final_112 MarkRhianna_Final_008MarkRhianna_Final_062 MarkRhianna_Final_030 MarkRhianna_Final_199MarkRhianna_Final_058 MarkRhianna_Final_205 MarkRhianna_Final_124 MarkRhianna_Final_208MarkRhianna_Final_122 MarkRhianna_Final_128 MarkRhianna_Final_147 MarkRhianna_Final_250 MarkRhianna_Final_149 MarkRhianna_Final_134 MarkRhianna_Final_132MarkRhianna_Final_068 MarkRhianna_Final_076 MarkRhianna_Final_145 MarkRhianna_Final_260 MarkRhianna_Final_278 MarkRhianna_Final_232 MarkRhianna_Final_263 MarkRhianna_Final_181 MarkRhianna_Final_195 MarkRhianna_Final_164 MarkRhianna_Final_284 MarkRhianna_Final_300MarkRhianna_Final_219 MarkRhianna_Final_246 MarkRhianna_Final_081 MarkRhianna_Final_197 MarkRhianna_Final_319 MarkRhianna_Final_235 MarkRhianna_Final_295 MarkRhianna_Final_297 MarkRhianna_Final_299MarkRhianna_Final_072 MarkRhianna_Final_322 MarkRhianna_Final_123 MarkRhianna_Final_269 MarkRhianna_Final_275Photography Credit: Lakshal Perera

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