A Red, Retro Wedding – Jo & Lal

Tattoo_Inspired_Northampton_Wedding_Casey_Avenue_36Good morning! I hope you are all enjoying this glorious sunshine? I know we are! Today I get to introduce to you the lovely Jo & Lal who’s wedding day was full of retro goodness such as a vintage VW camper van!

Tattoo_Inspired_Northampton_Wedding_Casey_Avenue_19Photographed by the wonderful Casey Avenue Photography, Picking a highlight of the day is very difficult as the whole day from beginning to end was amazing.” says Jo.


“The weather was absolutely beautiful although I have to say the anticipation of what was about to happen as I got into the wedding car is probably one of my favourite moments.”


Lal and I first met properly when he picked me up off the floor at a 1940’s themed staff party, the heel on my brogues had broken and unfortunately I wasn’t able to turn my descent into a dance move. Lal asked me to marry him six months to the day after we met and a year to the day after we met we wed.


From the dress to the venue everything we chose reflected our style and wishes. Our wedding vehicle was a rare sixties VW deluxe 15 window split-screen camper van driven by and provided by one of our good friends. Our friends were heavily involved with all aspects of the day from the cakes, to the lollipop biscuits, the favours, the flowers, the make-up, the venue, the DJ, the photographer and even the person conducting the ceremony. Our day couldn’t have been more personal and that I think is what truly represents us as a couple.


The grooms speech was a lot of fun, it was a take off the Star Wars intro with words penned by the groom. All the table decorations were home made based on the red and white theme which was inspired by my tattoo, incorporating big swirly lollipops and giant red and white spherical balloons.

Tattoo_Inspired_Northampton_Wedding_Casey_Avenue_56How great is Jo & Lal’s retro wedding? I love all the red & white, especially the swirly lollipops! Be sure to leave them both and photographer Casey Avenue some love! Tomorrow we have another edition of Accessories Ahoy! and a cool engagement shoot later on in the week.

Tattoo_Inspired_Northampton_Wedding_Casey_Avenue_14 Tattoo_Inspired_Northampton_Wedding_Casey_Avenue_10 Tattoo_Inspired_Northampton_Wedding_Casey_Avenue_11 Tattoo_Inspired_Northampton_Wedding_Casey_Avenue_13 Tattoo_Inspired_Northampton_Wedding_Casey_Avenue_12 Tattoo_Inspired_Northampton_Wedding_Casey_Avenue_15 Tattoo_Inspired_Northampton_Wedding_Casey_Avenue_22 Tattoo_Inspired_Northampton_Wedding_Casey_Avenue_21 Tattoo_Inspired_Northampton_Wedding_Casey_Avenue_23 Tattoo_Inspired_Northampton_Wedding_Casey_Avenue_26 Tattoo_Inspired_Northampton_Wedding_Casey_Avenue_28 Tattoo_Inspired_Northampton_Wedding_Casey_Avenue_30 Tattoo_Inspired_Northampton_Wedding_Casey_Avenue_29 Tattoo_Inspired_Northampton_Wedding_Casey_Avenue_32 Tattoo_Inspired_Northampton_Wedding_Casey_Avenue_35 Tattoo_Inspired_Northampton_Wedding_Casey_Avenue_37 Tattoo_Inspired_Northampton_Wedding_Casey_Avenue_43 Tattoo_Inspired_Northampton_Wedding_Casey_Avenue_47 Tattoo_Inspired_Northampton_Wedding_Casey_Avenue_52 Tattoo_Inspired_Northampton_Wedding_Casey_Avenue_1 Tattoo_Inspired_Northampton_Wedding_Casey_Avenue_49 Tattoo_Inspired_Northampton_Wedding_Casey_Avenue_2 Tattoo_Inspired_Northampton_Wedding_Casey_Avenue_8 Tattoo_Inspired_Northampton_Wedding_Casey_Avenue_4 Tattoo_Inspired_Northampton_Wedding_Casey_Avenue_5 Tattoo_Inspired_Northampton_Wedding_Casey_Avenue_3 Tattoo_Inspired_Northampton_Wedding_Casey_Avenue_55

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  1. Loved this wedding! Jo & Lal were absolutely ace, so much fun 🙂