Accessories Ahoy! Introducing – Lynette Dodge of Steal Her Style Boutique

Rebekah’s back with a sparkling (and spiky) edition of Accessories Ahoy!

Sorry for the big gap between posts. It’s been a manic time for me. I couldn’t keep away for too long though. I’m returning with something I truly love – introducing people to amazing finds. I came across Steal Her Style Boutique on instagram. I began re-posting some of the images on my instagram. I contacted Lynette Dodge and she shared with us about her boutique.

Introducing … Lynette Dodge of Steal Her Style


When was the boutique created?
“It was created in 2010”

How did the boutique start?
“My love for fashion and all thing related to it has led me to open an online Boutique called Steal Her Style. This name came about as so many celebrity related fashion trends seem to want to be adored by many of us females out there…So to re-create and inspire their looks at affordable prices Steal Her Style came about. 

We try to keep up-to-date with the latest looks/trends and whats Hot in the Fashion world so that our customers will always know that what they see listed in our Boutique is Bang up-to Date.”

What has been the high point of the business?
“The high point of our business is knowing that our customers from far and near are getting a tiny piece of fashion on a tiny budget … and that makes us smile so the motto is –

“Prepare to be Stylish … Love It, Buy It, Wear It, You Know You Want To … Buy the hottest trends and the coolest celebrity styles here … Grab them now and stay ahead in the style game! At a fraction of the price!”

It is so true. I couldn’t believe that the images I had seen were so affordable. It is easy to see that Steal Her Style is inspired by the love of fashion and the desire to give women the opportunity to feel like a celebrity for very little money.

What is your favourite piece at the moment?
“Our favourite piece at the moment has to be this Circular Shoulder Spike Brooch. This fashion statement shoulder brooch is seen everywhere on Celebrities/Catwalk and is a fun accessory for this seasons trends and at just £5 its a steal!”


Thank you so much for sharing about the boutique Lynette and I have to agree that the Spike Brooch is awesome. Along with that here are some more of my favourites.

1-800x800_(8)_grandeLong Ash Black Spike Tassel Earrings

ER24537_1000_grandeSuper Long Spike Earrings

2-800x800_(1)_grandePurple Geometric Earrings

Thanks again Lynette for taking the time out to share with us. I encourage you to pop by and check it out. The pieces are fun and affordable.

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