AEROBABE – A 1920s Theme Shoot

A Mix Of Silent Film Glamour And An Aero-Nautical Theme


I know! I’m finally sharing this fabulous collaboration that took place last year with Jaye of Tux & Tales Photography!


What we both wanted from this shoot was to create something dark and glamorous like you would see in 1920s films. With the fabulous vintage eras that have started to surround us on screen lately (Boardwalk Empire, Gangster Squad and The Great Gastby just to name a few), I’ve been dying to be able to swim glamorously around in beautiful silk gowns whilst listening to jazz. 


Teaming up with Tux & Tales Photography, Charisma Bridal Hairdressing, Jo Bilham, I Am Nat, All Wrapped Up Events, some of my favourite Manchester venues and many more, helped us create the dark and glamorous 20s look we were hoping for. 

If you’re looking to go with the glamorous 1920s for your own wedding, there are certain details which are sure to have you looking like you stepped out of the Ritz! Plunging necklines, and timeless hairpieces are essential for this era. 

If it is dark glamour you’re after, then heavy eye make-up will take you there. The gorgeous make-up for this shoot was created by make-up artist Jo Bilham. Remember that red is your friend. There’s nothing I love more than red lips on a bride, it’s such a simple trick that makes you automatically step back in time.


If you’re opting for a statement hairpiece rather than a veil, designs that fall on the forehead and temples are beautifully placed for a 20s bride. All hair pieces and jewellery were created by the super talented HF Couture Accessories. Why not research into the classic silent film starlets such as Gloria Swanson and see how they looked and add your own modern twists to the hair and make-up? This can be done with a super smoky eye and big false lashes.


Remember how I said that red was your friend? Well, remember this when choosing your flowers and decor. Reds and any other dark colours such as navy and green play an important part in dark glamour. The bouquets and table flowers from the Aerobabe shoot were created by Leafy Couture. In Boardwalk Empire, character Nucky Thompson is always seen wearing a red carnation in the lapel of his suit. Red flowers will look perfect in a bouquet, especially in autumn months. 


When looking for venues to hold your wedding, anything dark that holds leather seating is perfect. The glamour part of the shoot took place at The Deaf Institute where their basement lounge had all of what we required – including the vintage champagne glasses! As for the aero-nautical part of the shoot, we were very privileged to be able to stand next to some of the most breathtaking aircraft held at the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry, who also have facilities available for weddings. 

2013-06-14_0055Thank you to all who was involved with the day. Here is the full list of credits before the final images from the shoot:

Jaye of Tux & Tales Photography, Shelly of Toast Of Leeds, The Deaf Institute, Manchester Museum Of Science And Industry, Louise of Curvy Bridal, Nat of I Am Nat, HF Couture, Jo Bilham Make-up Artist, Kizzy of Charisma Bridal Hairdressing, Rosie, Colette & Kelly of All Wrapped Up Events, Zoe of ZR Is Unique, Leafy Couture and models Diablo RoseMademoiselle Boo and Daniel O’Connor. Thank you for helping make this shoot a total knock-out! 

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