A New Orleans Wedding Of Just Two – Jane & Will


Complete with a tour on the carriage ride around the French Quarter of New Orleans and an evening meal at Muriel’s, Jane & Will were married at a personal ceremony at The Avenue.


“On our first date at the Commons in Franklin, we had a lovely dinner together and sat in the lounge of the pub together and never talked to so much. I really didn’t want the night to end!”


Will Proposed to me 9 months to the day to when I told him that I loved him and in exactly the same spot. It was also my Birthday and he was very sneaky he has asked my 3 Children so they were all in on it!


The whole day was full of amazement! We went outside to take pictures with the trolley car that passes by and when one stopped, every one just cheered shouted congrats and wanted to take their own pictures of us. It was the same when we walked around the French Quarter, people shouted congrats! The whole Day was so much more than we could have ever planned for.


“Etsy was a great help!”

We designed and had made out guest book. We purchased my Garter, gloves, hair pieces and Wills boutonniere were all purchased from Etsy. Designing the guest book and the reception invites were the most fun. And putting all the stickers on the Hershey kisses the night before the reception was crazy!


I love how Jen & Will had such a personal wedding with just the two of them, little parts of the wedding represented family that couldn’t be there such as the roses, Jane’s tattoos and Will’s pocket watch. Thank you to them both for sharing their special day with Marry Me Ink today and thank you to their wedding photographer Kathleen K Parker.

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4 responses to “A New Orleans Wedding Of Just Two – Jane & Will

  1. I am the photographer of this wedding, and I am so delighted that you would feature this in your site!! Wonderful!!
    Kathleen K Parker, New Orleans, LA USA

  2. Judith Kopfman

    A picture perfect wedding full of romance and shared love. The photographs are exceptional. Such a grand experience to have a wedding like this one. Wish I was young enough to do it all over again!!!!

  3. What a lovely, fun wedding! The pictures are delightful!

  4. Gorgeous photos of a darling couple. Love the story the photographer created.