Sun, Snow And Sweets – Cassie & Mario

0617-JAP-Cassie and Mario

 Good morning! With all this hot weather we’re having, I thought it’d be nice to have a bit of a cool down. Cassie & Mario were married at Byron Colby Barn, photographer Joshua Albanese caught the beauty of the snow is the daylight.

0686-JAP-Cassie and Mario

Cassie’s bridesmaids chose their own dresses, which I think fitted perfectly into all the lovely colours of the sweets..

0568-JAP-Cassie and Mario

Upon friending each other on Facebook, Cassie noticed he was in fact the little brother of a girl she was in elementary through high school with, meaning that Mario was 5 years younger!!! Making her feel a bit creepy at first. Mario made the first move by asking Cassie if she could help him complete his Christmas shopping for the women in his family (which of course that idea came from him & all his buddies sitting around thinking of a reason to ask her to join him for a date!). They have not spent more than a few days apart since that first date and the rest is history. 

0522-JAP-Cassie and Mario

The barn itself was a good indication of how casual and laid back we both are. We were not too picky about any element or worried about everything going exactly as planned. We have heard stories of couples getting all bent out of shape over the color of table cloths or small details like that. That’s just not us.

0737-JAP-Cassie and Mario

“Mario gave his groomsmen the gift of Converse Chuck Taylors to wear for the wedding. We feel the wedding gave off that same laid back vibe and were very happy with the result.”

0844-JAP-Cassie and Mario

We asked friends & family to put aside any jars they might have as they finished items from their fridge! You never really realize how many jars you come across weekly until you start saving them. In a matter of probably about 2 months, we had over 200 jars. The pain was revolving the labels & glue! But it was so worth it. We used them at the tables to hold candles & flowers.

0712-JAP-Cassie and Mario

Our wedding was also a candy theme so we had a candy bar where we allowed our guests to fill a jar with candy as their gift as they were really to leave the party. My sister-in-law Roxy is a wedding planner/invitation maker etc etc so she was a HUGE help to us for the entire wedding!! 

0577-JAP-Cassie and Mario

How awesome are Cassie & Mario? Thank you to them both and photographer Joshua Albanese for sharing their story and photographs with Marry Me Ink today. Be sure to leave them some love on their super colourful day!

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  1. So many colorful candies,love them,perfect wedding.

  2. Everything about the wedding is gorgeous! Love the wedding idea.