A Mad Men Inspired Phoenix Wedding – Christine & Rob


You may remember the gorgeous Christine & Rob from their fab engagement shoot last year (See it here). Their wedding is just as fabulous, if not more awesome with photography from the awesome Danielle Daigle!


For those who don’t remember, Christine & Rob met on a dating website, specifically created for the tattooed back in 2010! 


The car which they had on their wedding day was chosen for it’s vintage vibe as both Christine & Rob love Mad Men, hodrods and classic cars which were elements in planning their wedding.


I asked Christine if she had bought her dress knowing that she’s be having her tattoos on show:

“Yes! I rushed to get my second sleeve done before the wedding so I would be equal on the wedding day.”


 “The highlight of my wedding day was having my dad be there to walk me down the aisle too see Rob’s face. It was like I had tunnel vision walking down. I didn’t notice anybody but Rob, and the moment was so right.”


Christine & Rob created lots of features for their wedding such as all the bouquets, boutonnière, corsages, and centrepieces. 

“Rob and I also Painted each other’s husband and wife signs. that was my favourite thing to do.”


Thank you to Christine & Rob for sharing their story with Marry me Ink today and their gorgeous wedding photographs, and thank you to the wonderful Danielle Daigle too. Be sure to leave them all some love!

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4 responses to “A Mad Men Inspired Phoenix Wedding – Christine & Rob

  1. what an utterly stunning couple – gorgeous gorgeous images – love love love! Congratulations to the newly weds xx

  2. Thank you for sharing Rob and Christine’s wedding images!! They are an amazing couple, their wedding was fabulous, and I’m so happy to see their wedding featured here today!!

  3. Cool tattoo,I love how creative all these photos are.. amazing!

  4. Beautiful, what a lovely day it looked…