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Today I have a special feature for you! I get to introduce you to Emily of Fishee Designs. As well as being a fab blogger, she’ll also bring a fab photo booth to your wedding (Providing you book of course!). I’ll hand straight over to Emily..

I LOVE tattoos, I love getting them, I love having them, I love other people with them, I just adore them. I have even been known to have been caught in the act, full on staring at someone checking out their tats! It has only been down to a lack of expendable cash that I am not covered in them head to toe, oh how I wish! However, Brad, my future husband-to-be (nope, I have no ring on my finger yet but it is on the cards – we have talked at length about it!) will be the only man of our generation in the nursing home with out a single piece of art on his body – well his body is a piece of art in itself, but then I am biased! We are polar opposites when it comes to the ink. I casually slipped in to conversation my booking for the start of my new sleeve and a shriek of “WHAT!!?” followed by a roll of the eyes was my response. He isn’t against tattoos, he just appreciates them from afar, and he is stuck with me now so he had better get used to it!

Fishee Features - Tattooed Bride

My tattoo artist of choice is Lucille from Scribe in Pokesdown, Bournemouth. Ever since she did my 6th tattoo on my right arm, I was hooked. Her tattoo design and my style marry perfectly together. Lucille said “I have to admit, you’re so easy to draw for, you just have such great style. It’s so much fun coming up with new designs for you”. Most of my tattoos follow a similar theme and characteristic, they all mean something to me and are a symbol of a particular time in my life. They tell a story and they pin point particular happy moments in my life. Each time I have got in the chair ready for my next one, they get bigger and better, my newest one has been inspired by my love of the water, and true to the name, all things Fishee! I sent Lucille over a rough idea of design and a week or so later she sent me the most beautiful mermaid design. Apparently a few of their customers that spotted it were very jealous that it wasn’t for them.

Fishee Features - Tattooed Bride2

One of my favourite things about tattoos is how they look in photos, I covered this more on a previous post for my regular series of Wedding Wednesdays on my blog. I love looking at Tattooed brides on Pinterest, you can check out the board here. Were you a tattooed bride? Are both you and your other half tattooed? Or are you like me and alone in your love for them within your relationship? I would love to hear your thoughts, tweet me @fisheedesigns and tell me more! Below are some of my favourite Tattooed Brides that I have found on pinterest. I can’t wait until I get a ring on my finger and my ass in a wedding dress that shows off all my wonderful tats!

Fishee Features - Tattooed Bride3

My favourite style of tattoos and their owners, is the Rockabilly style. The 1950’s is my favourite era in general. I love the clothes, the tats, the music, the men!! I love it so much, I have even gone as far as adding a Rockabilly style Photo Booth to my growing collection, boasting a unique skull and roses back drop and carefully hand picked props, including tattoo sleeves and skulls, retro records, rollers and roses and much more. If, like me, you love the style, perhaps you are having a fifties style wedding? Maybe just a party? This is the perfect photo booth for you! You can see more here.

Fishee Features - Rockabilly Photo Booth

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Fishee Features by Emily Fisher of Fishee Designs 

About the Author

They say that you should never keep your eggs in one basket with business, and Fishee Designs’ owner Emily Fisher is pink-haired proof that running multiple, successful businesses is absolutely possible. Fishee Designs incapsulates Emily’s three main business strands: her unique, bespoke Photo Booth, her quirky graphic design business and most recently, Fishee Designs lifestyle and web-geekery blog.

After gaining her National Diploma in Graphic Design in 2004, Emily worked as Event Manager for a leading wholesale company where she achieved great success and learned valuable experience in the hard world of business. With all this knowledge in her backpack, in 2009 Emily relocated to the sunny beaches of Bournemouth, where she took over a vintage shop and set up a photo studio, just for a punt. The small matter of having no capital and little small business knowledge wasn’t going to stop Emily in her stride – whenever she found a stumbling block in her skillset, she would make it her mission to get clued up and get on with it! Emily quickly learnt that while fastidious study and careful consideration would get you so far, the best way to make a difference in business is to quit talking and get shit done. What’s the worst that can happen?

Emily’s journey shortly continued to setting up home in Bristol, with her beau, Brad, and their small menagerie of animals. Emily expanded on her skills required from running the photo studio to Fishee Designs Photo Booth, offering fully themed or customisable photo booths for weddings, birthdays and bah-mitzvahs. Emily’s inimitable unique, quirky style quickly earned her the moniker ‘the coolest girl in Bristol’ and gained her graphic design clients across the globe. Quick to spot a new business opportunity when it arises, Emily launched downloadable digital products through her blog in 2013 – offering packages like WordPress for Beginners and PhotoBorders for people to download everywhere. 2013 also saw Emily embark on setting up Bristol’s first alternative wedding fair – the Weird and Wonderful Wedding World, to the acclaim of BBC Radio Bristol and Marry Me Ink.

When she’s not taking over the world, you can find Emily rocking her signature unicorn onesie, walking her dog Logan or getting her nails did.

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  1. Lovely tattoos,so many great ideas.