A Graffiti, Rock and Roll Wedding in Pennsylvania – Meghann & Rick


Today’s wedding takes places in both a theatre and a lighthouse! It’s super awesome, also there’s a bespoke graffiti piece that was designed for Meghann & Rick. With photography from NikkiMayDay Photography, I’m excited to share with you Meghann & Rick’s story!


I met Rick on my first day when I started working at a local Juvenile Detention Facility. We worked with teenage boys and girls who had mental health and drug and alcohol issues. We stayed friends for a few years, and then when we were out with co-workers one night, we started hitting it off and realized that there was some attraction. We dated for about 3 years, and then he proposed on my birthday! 


“Having a whole room of friends and family and people who care about you is an amazing rush!”


We had a friend who painted a graffiti mural for us on the back of a building. We had to sneak the whole wedding party through some fences to get the photos we wanted with the mural. Rick is my partner in crime, for the rest of our lives. All of the aspects of our wedding were out of the ordinary. Our cake topper was a bride and groom skeleton couple, because “til death do us part”. 


We paid for our wedding on our own, so a lot of things were DIY. I went to art school, so I’m pretty crafty. I made unique luggage tags for every single guest, which told them the table that they were to be seated at. Rick made the frames where we hung the tags on little clothes pins, so that when the guests arrived, they would find their tag. Those were time consuming, but they were my favourite. 


I also bake cupcakes as a hobby, so I did all of my cupcakes the day before the wedding. That was NOT fun. My friend Bethany graciously made the cake for me. I also made and put together the favours for the guests. They were white chocolate covered pretzel sticks with different sprinkles and toppings. I made my own floral arrangements, and my own birdcage veil. Ahh, the list goes on…


We actually got tattooed by my friend Jesse Buman shortly after the engagement. I have a big diamond with a pink bow on my left collar area, to signify the diamond ring. He has the classic Sailor Jerry Poison Girl on his chest and it says Love and Loyalty between the crossbones. That one represents me. My maid of honour and I have a set of tattoos that we wanted to showcase in our photos. I have a lock and she has a key. That just signifies that we will be best friends forever. 


How gorgeous is Meghann & Rick’s wedding? I love all the DIY elements – My favourites are the luggage tags! Thank you to them both and to NikkiMayDay Photography for sharing this gorgeous wedding with Marry Me Ink today. Be sure to leave them some love.

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3 responses to “A Graffiti, Rock and Roll Wedding in Pennsylvania – Meghann & Rick

  1. Stunning pictures. Romantic wedding. I love absolutely everything about this wedding!

  2. Lovely photos – lovely dress …….. lovely tatts!!!

  3. This day was a blast! And the DIY touches were outstanding! I was just happy I got to be a part of it! Nikki did such a wonderful job capturing all the excitement in her photographs!