A Laid Back And Intimate Wedding – Jaci & Craig


“The wedding day was awesome, and we had a great time; but the highlight was definitely the group sing-along to “Bohemian Rhapsody,” or maybe the sing-along to “Total Eclipse of the Heart.” They both made me pretty happy.”


Today I have another gorgeous wedding from one of my favourite photographers Allebach Photography. Jaci & Craig were married at iCi Restaurant in Brooklyn.  


We really wanted our wedding to be fun for us and for our guests. We wanted everyone to feel relaxed, which we tried to achieve by keeping the guest list intimate and by incorporating things we like. For example, we had the Back to the Future theme as our recessional (something we have enjoyed together and with our friends throughout the years), we had alligator cake toppers (our college mascot), and a family-style meal with people sitting together at long tables so everyone could really mingle together.  


We chose all the music with the focus on maximizing the fun with our friends and family. We decided to include so many songs that were either special to us over the years or special to our friends and family along with us (which brought on the huddles of people singing and dancing together, which was great).  We also had a whiskey ceremony as a sort of unity ceremony (the groom loves whiskey). 


Putting together the music was the most fun part. We had elements of music included even in our invitations (they were record invitations to match the table numbers), and the music was definitely really important to us and we were really happy with how it all turned out.


I definitely like the way tattoos look under lace sleeves, so I really set out to find a lace dress that was simple and would achieve that look. It felt to me like a really classic dress and for me my tattoos added a fun element to that. 


How beautiful does Jaci look? I do love they’re pre-wedding photos on that gorgeous wallpapered backdrop at the Wythe Hotel. Thank you to them both for sharing their wedding day and to Mike of Allebach Photography for sharing this stunning wedding with Marry Me Ink. Be sure to leave them some love!

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  1. What a gorgeous couple they make!!