A Monochrome, Kangaroo Ground Wedding – Emily & Aaron


Today I get to share with you the gorgeous wedding of Emily & Aaron photographed by the Lakshal Perera with a very stylish theme.


“We had very clear instructions to all vendors about what we wanted and why.”

I have a very monochrome style in day to day life” explains Emily, “and this definitely showed in the wedding. I guess we didn’t do things just because you are supposed at a wedding. No flowers, we didn’t have any traditional songs and honestly didn’t listen to anyone suggestions.


We were engaged for 5 years, so I had so much time to make things that I refused to pay top dollar for! I think the bouquets were the most fun to do- as I had no real time constraint. I started making those about 18 months before we got married.


The highlight for me was when they opened the chapel doors. I was instantly overwhelmed by all the eyes watching me, but found Aaron and charged down the aisle, pulling my father and little brother slightly behind me. Aaron was crying by this point, something very out of the ordinary for him so it felt amazing to know this was where I was meant to be, and this was happiness. 


I was told by several people when getting the tattoos that I wouldn’t be able to wear a dress any more, and that I wouldn’t look like a bride any more. So many people asked me how I would cover up the tats for the wedding, seriously what is wrong with people?! But hey! I looked freaking awesome in my dress, as me! 


How fabulous is Emily & Aaron’s monochrome wedding? Thank you to them both and to their wonderful photographer Lakshal Perera for sharing them with Marry Me Ink today. Be sure to leave them some love.

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4 responses to “A Monochrome, Kangaroo Ground Wedding – Emily & Aaron

  1. What a stylish wedding! Love the cake 🙂

  2. awesome wedding! that car is stunning!

  3. Good light, stunning image, just perfect!

  4. I love how creative all these photos are.. amazing!