Love Letters – Home Is Where The Heart Is


Today I get to share the cute engagement shoot of Nicola and Andy from the fabulous Becky Ryan Photography which took place in their vintage knick knack filled  home.


The power of Twitter had led us to the lovely Becky Ryan, who has just branched out into the world of photography and was looking to build up her portfolio. We are also on a budget so I thought we could help each other out! After a few emails, FaceBook messages and tweets we finally settled on a day which was mutually convenient.

When Becky arrived we all had a brew and exchanged pleasantries. I could tell straight away that she would be great to work with.


As our house was going to feature heavily in the shots, we gave her the grand tour. As I went off to get changed, Becky went around the house again by herself, getting a feel for the light etc. She took a few snaps of our knick-knackery just to get started then it was time for “lights, camera, action!”


We started off having pictures taken in the “multi media lounge”. Well there is a TV, record player and a sound system in there. Very casual shots of us looking through records and messing about! After a while we forgot Becky was there as she just seemed to blend in. That’s a compliment by the way! We had explained that we didn’t want to pose for photos and she was on board with this.


After that we had some shots taken in the bedroom and some poses in the dining room for something special. (Can’t reveal that just yet!)

More pics were taking in our tiki bar, the vintage car and the garden. Couldn’t believe that a few hours had gone by! The time just flew. We’d definitely earned our food after that, so ended up having a Chinese. The weather had got too cold for eating al fresco anyway!


All in all it was a fabulous experience. For those who are also getting married, I would encourage an engagement shoot. Most photographers include this in their packages and it certainly helps to meet the person beforehand who will be capturing the moments of your special day. The ice has well and truly been broken. My other tip would be to create a Pinterest board so your photographer has a visual idea of what you’re after.


“In conclusion it was a fun day and I’d recommend Becky for a shoot. She has become a friend, not just someone to work with.”


How awesome does Nicola & Andy’s home look? I love their car too. Be sure to leave them both some love and thank you to them both and to Becky Ryan Photography for sharing their engagement shoot on Marry Me Ink today. Keep you eyes peeled too.. Becky will be appearing on Marry Me Ink much more this year!

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  1. Great shoot. Love the photography!

  2. These are amazing! Such a lovely couple <3