A Pastel And Country Wedding – Hannah & Craig


“The photos we have are just the perfect memories of the most perfect day”


Beautiful tattooed bride Hannah & her husband Craig were married in Bletchley Registry Office, followed by a blessing ceremony at Craig’s Parents’ country house back garden with fantastic photography from Natalie J Weddings.

“Natalie was the first photographer I met and that was back in September of 2012 and I didn’t see any others, I just knew straight away she would do an amazing job and she did. I think using Natalie was the best thing we did.”


We were engaged for 3 years before we married, once Craig had proposed we didn’t make plans straight away and didn’t ever say it would be a particular date or year, it was in the spring of 2012 looking out across Craig’s parents garden and land that we decided it would be the most perfect venue, it was from then on the wedding plans went into full steam ahead! The “venue” we had was certainly the lighting out of the blue inspiration we needed to kick start the plans, that’s what made the wedding so unique, Craig’s parents have a stunning home and we are so deeply grateful to them for allowing us to hold our Wedding at their house.


With eight bridesmaids, two best men, photography from Natalie J Weddings and a beautiful colour scheme, Hannah & Craig’s wedding has a gorgeous country feel!



Also with two dresses by Trudy Lee and BHLDN (one of which was shipped all the way from the US via Craig’s Uncle in Michigan!), gorgeous flowers from Cinnamon Frost, beautiful stationery from Elle Is For Love and any more stunning additions throughout their day, be sure to leave both Hannah & Craig some love. Thank you to them both and to Natalie J Weddings for sharing the photos of their wedding day with Marry Me Ink!

Hannah&Craig_NatalieJWeddings_009 Hannah&Craig_NatalieJWeddings_012 Hannah&Craig_NatalieJWeddings_015 Hannah&Craig_NatalieJWeddings_021 Hannah&Craig_NatalieJWeddings_027 Hannah&Craig_NatalieJWeddings_030 Hannah&Craig_NatalieJWeddings_031 Hannah&Craig_NatalieJWeddings_041 Hannah&Craig_NatalieJWeddings_056 Hannah&Craig_NatalieJWeddings_052 Hannah&Craig_NatalieJWeddings_054 Hannah&Craig_NatalieJWeddings_058 Hannah&Craig_NatalieJWeddings_057 Hannah&Craig_NatalieJWeddings_060 Hannah&Craig_NatalieJWeddings_065 Hannah&Craig_NatalieJWeddings_068 Hannah&Craig_NatalieJWeddings_095 Hannah&Craig_NatalieJWeddings_097 Hannah&Craig_NatalieJWeddings_108 Hannah&Craig_NatalieJWeddings_093 Hannah&Craig_NatalieJWeddings_114 Hannah&Craig_NatalieJWeddings_133 Hannah&Craig_NatalieJWeddings_148 Hannah&Craig_NatalieJWeddings_156 Hannah&Craig_NatalieJWeddings_170 Hannah&Craig_NatalieJWeddings_172 Hannah&Craig_NatalieJWeddings_173 Hannah&Craig_NatalieJWeddings_177 Hannah&Craig_NatalieJWeddings_183 Hannah&Craig_NatalieJWeddings_185 Hannah&Craig_NatalieJWeddings_189 Hannah&Craig_NatalieJWeddings_191 Hannah&Craig_NatalieJWeddings_218 Hannah&Craig_NatalieJWeddings_209 Hannah&Craig_NatalieJWeddings_223 Hannah&Craig_NatalieJWeddings_269 Hannah&Craig_NatalieJWeddings_245 Hannah&Craig_NatalieJWeddings_221 Hannah&Craig_NatalieJWeddings_276 Hannah&Craig_NatalieJWeddings_271 Hannah&Craig_NatalieJWeddings_281 Hannah&Craig_NatalieJWeddings_287 Hannah&Craig_NatalieJWeddings_298 Hannah&Craig_NatalieJWeddings_292 Hannah&Craig_NatalieJWeddings_293 Hannah&Craig_NatalieJWeddings_307 Hannah&Craig_NatalieJWeddings_300 Hannah&Craig_NatalieJWeddings_313 Hannah&Craig_NatalieJWeddings_310 Hannah&Craig_NatalieJWeddings_327 Hannah&Craig_NatalieJWeddings_330 Hannah&Craig_NatalieJWeddings_318 Hannah&Craig_NatalieJWeddings_316 Hannah&Craig_NatalieJWeddings_302 Hannah&Craig_NatalieJWeddings_317

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