A DIY, Psychobilly Wedding With 1000 Paper Flowers – Steph & Adam


That’s right – as well as hand crafting all their place mats out of vintage records, Steph & Adam created approximately 1000 roses out of pieces of music sheets.

“It was music that brought us together and shaped our relationship so we tried to work music into every detail we could. We handmade as much as we could to fit the theme.”


Steph and Adam were married at The Riveria Hotel at Bowleaze Cove in Weymouth with wonderful photography from Linus Moran. Steph beautifully did her own hair and make up and wore a gorgeous Lusan Mandongus dress and Adam wore a sharp Victor Valentine suit.


Adam and I met through mutual friends who were looking to form a Psychobilly band. Adam played double bass and I sang so we both joined. Although the band was together for several months before we started dating we got along well from the start. It was a long walk up a hill back to Adams house and he wasn’t keen to lug his double bass on his back. Luckily I was the only person in the band with a car big enough to fit the bass in- so naturally I offered to take him to and from practice. It was during these car journeys that our mutual love of a fairly obscure genre of music brought us closer together. The band only did a few gigs before splitting, but we both got what we wanted from it! 


My highlight was when we both read our personal vows ‘promises’ to each other that we each had written. It was a highly emotional moment and I barely managed to get through mine! People later told us how nice they were and that there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Linus even managed to capture my dad with a tear in his eye, which I’m really glad about as I was completely oblivious to everyone else in the room and how emotional lots of the guests got.


“I was more concerned with finding the right dress. I knew I didn’t want to hide my tattoos as I don’t believe there is ever an occasion when they should be hidden, especially on MY wedding day!”


We have no couples tattoos but I did get a tattoo a couple of months before the day which had special significance. I got piece on my calf to commemorate the loss of my maiden name! Although I was more than happy to take Adams name, I was sad to be losing my surname. I am very close to my dad and not having the same name as him anymore felt strange so I got an interpretation of the family crest. Luckily, the crest includes a pretty badass eagle. I revealed the tattoo to my dad on the morning of the wedding and although ink is not really his thing- he appreciated the sentiment and was quite moved. The tattoo will always remind me of that moment.


How fantastic do Steph’s tattoos look? I especially love her wedding dress, and Adam’s suit! Thank you to them both and to Linus Moran Photography for sharing their wedding day with Marry Me Ink today. Steph is a gorgeous tattooed bride! Be sure to leave them some love!

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7 responses to “A DIY, Psychobilly Wedding With 1000 Paper Flowers – Steph & Adam

  1. Brilliant to see this gorgeous couple shown off here today Rachael. A great day with so many personal touches and such fun to capture!

  2. What a gorgeous wedding, so personal to the couple 🙂

  3. I loved this on Linus’ blog and I love it all over again now. That first image is just brilliant.

  4. LOVE this. The brides hair is awesome (and the groom too!)

  5. What a cool wedding. Love the dress and the brogues. AWESOME!

  6. wow such beautiful pictures!!one of the most wonderful,thoughtful and touching weddings ive ever had the joy of attending.such lovely people.x

  7. Susan Roberts

    What a beautiful wedding! Love the colors and the uniqueness! Do you have a link on how to make the flowers featured?

    Thank you,