Love Letters – A Rocking Seaside Engagement


Today I get to share the awesome Holli & Tim’s engagement shoot from the fabulous Ed Godden Photography.


I met up with the lovely Holli and Tim at their seaside home town of Southsea. Not only did I have loads of fun shooting them dodging the rain and playing games in the amusement arcade, I also managed to fill the afternoon by taking a little walk down memory lane.


“Holli and Tim are the perfect couple. You simply don’t get much cooler than these two!”


It’s true – I think Holli & Tim are one of many cool couples that I get to feature on Marry Me Ink! I think they’re so cool to also feature their wedding within the next few weeks too! Be sure to keep an eye out for that! Thank to them both and to Ed Godden Photography for sharing their rocking engagement shoot with Marry Me Ink – Be sure to leave them some love!

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2 responses to “Love Letters – A Rocking Seaside Engagement

  1. Oh I love these! 🙂 great pics and fab looking couple!

  2. Such a fun couple, loving this set of photos! I have serious ink envy looking at these two!