Love Letters – An Autmnal Fishing Trip



Today I get to share with you this amazing outdoor engagement shoot of Morgan and Max from the wonderful Love & Perry Photography


I love everything about this shoot, the feel of the relaxing day, the colours of Autumn, Morgan’s awesome tattoos and so much more! The story of how Morgan and Max met each other is great..


It was graduation weekend at UMass Amherst, where I am currently attending for my master’s degree. That Friday night a few friends and I decided to go out to a bar that we frequent called McMurphy’s. While standing there amidst conversation I noticed two guys looking at me from across the bar. Out of curiosity, I approached them. They introduced themselves as Max and Nick and said they were brothers. We had a few drinks, some interesting conversation; they complemented me on my tattoos, by this time the bar was getting ready to close so we finished our drinks and made our way to the door. Upon leaving the bar Max made a comment to me about how he really liked how strong and confident I was and that he hoped he could see me again.   


A few weeks later back at McMurphy’s I ran into Max and Nick, they were on their way out, so I asked where they were off to, they said Tully O’reilly’s, a dance bar, they asked if I wanted to join them. Excitedly I went along. We had a great time, but by the end of the night I wasn’t feeling very well. Max brought me back to my apartment and walked me inside. Max ended up spending the night taking care of me. For the following couple weeks we talked a lot! At the time Max was working the night shift so he would come over after work and we would sit on the balcony overlooking the pond, have a couple drinks and talk for hours on end about anything and everything. He became my best friend and that’s when I knew! 


Max’s proposal was amazing! One day he approached me and told me not to have any plans for June 15 and to pick out a nice dress. Of course this struck my curiosity but he wouldn’t tell me anything. Finally the date came, I was still in the dark about what it was we were doing but excited at the same time. Max was all dressed up in his Air force dress blues, and I had picked out a really cute black dress. We were all ready, so we hopped in max’s truck and drove to Boston, Ma. We parked and had to walk a little but we were near the ocean and I love the ocean. As we were walking we were looking at these huge yachts and I said I would love to go on something like that one day, Max stopped me in my tracks. 


At this point I was pretty confused, he walked a few steps ahead of me and peaked around the corner of the building we were next to and then told me to come to him, as I walked around the corner he said to me “ that’s the yacht we’re going on!”We boarded the boat, I was so excited. We met the waiter and got a few drinks and had a beautiful dinner while the boat cruised around the Boston harbour. After dinner we took a walk to the upper deck, it was a beautiful night, the lights from the city and the stars shining. Max and I found a place to sit and talk for a little bit, I was so happy I didn’t’ think the night could be any better; that’s when he proposed. It was perfect.


I didn’t take into account my tattoos when searching for a wedding dress. I knew I wanted something different and unique. At an appointment at David’s Bridal with my mom, my sister whom is my maiden of honor, and a good family friend, I found the perfect dress. It is champagne in color, a-line, strapless, and has beautiful bead work in a paisley pattern. My dress is anything but ordinary. 

How great is Max’s proposal? Thank you to both Morgan and Max for sharing their engagement story with Marry Me Ink today. And a huge thanks to Love & Perry Photography for their stunning imagery. Be sure to leave them some love!

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