A Beautiful DIY Backyard Wedding – Jenny & Eric



Today I am so excited to share Jenny & Eric’s wedding from Matt Miller of Diamond Eyes Photography that took place at their own house under two huge tents and featured their family and their won pets as their table numbers. It’s so beautiful. I love all the colours!


Eric and I met very randomly at a New Year’s Eve party in Marfa, TX.  I was living in Austin at the time and he was in Chicago.  We were both kind of persuaded to go to the middle of nowhere by our friends, none of whom knew each other.  My Austin friends were throwing a NYE party at an empty gallery that Eric and his friends just happened to stop into while looking for something to do.  I spotted him across the room and dubbed him my “future husband.”  After a few drinks I introduced myself to him and we hit it off instantly.  The next day we had our first date to see the Marfa Lights (Google it) and then I never thought I’d see him again.  Once we were both back in our respective cities we began chatting all day everyday while we were both supposed to be working.  Two weeks later he booked a flight to come visit me in Austin and we began a long distance courtship that lasted over a year until I moved to Chicago.


“We tried to make the whole wedding feel very “Jenny and Eric.”  We were both pretty adamant about having a short, non-denominational ceremony officiated by one of our close friends and a very fun reception.”

The whole wedding took place at our house; the ceremony was in our front yard under a big oak tree with tons of Spanish moss, and the reception was in our backyard under 2 large tents.  Our guests really enjoyed the photo booth that our photographer Matt Miller set up and I worked very closely with the DJ to curate a playlist that we’d all love.  The table numbers all featured our own pets and the pets of the wedding party and family members, which was a really sweet little detail.


The entire wedding was DIY, really, and I had a ton of help from my friends and co-workers on the décor details.  My co-worker Chrissy Sedgley did all of the graphic design elements – she designed our table numbers using our pets and the pets of our wedding party and family members.  She also created a “wedding logo” for us that we had printed onto cocktail napkins and etched onto mason jars.  Chrissy, along with a couple of my other co-workers, spent a lot of time drinking wine and cutting strips of gold mylar in my living room in the weeks before the wedding date.  I was pretty pleased with the gold mylar fringe diamonds that we used as a chandelier above the dance floor.  They were incredibly tedious to make but they looked amazing.


I had an unusually easy time finding a wedding dress, actually.  I had gone to BHLDN in Chicago a month after Eric and I got engaged just to start the search and ended up buying a dress that day.  


It’s hard to pick one moment because the entire day was so amazing, but the highlight was probably dancing for hours with my friends and family at the reception.  My aunt and uncle had a pretty mean dance off, too!  I would have to say, however, that I was totally overwhelmed by all of our friends and family from all over the place coming to Gainesville, FL to celebrate with us.  Everyone seemed to get along so well and it was great to see people from all different parts of our lives having fun with one another.


How awesome are Jenny & Eric? There’s a full list of suppliers at the end of the post – Be sure to leave them both and the fab Diamond Eyes Photography some love!

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Photographer: Diamond Eyes/Matt Miller
Jenny’s Dress: BHLDN
Eric’s Suit: Kent Wang
Flowers: Frog Song Organics
Hair & Make up: Erin Jantzen
Graphic design: Chrissy Sedgley
BBQ: Newberry Backyard BBQ
DJ: DJ Rick/Rick Colado
Party Rentals: St Augustine Rentals and The Grande Event

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  1. Lovely set of shots. I love the nighttime ones in particular. Great location