Today I get to welcome back the wonderful Sassy – One of the awesome alternative wedding photographers of the whole UK. I had the opportunity to chat to Sassy recently and ask her a few questions about what she loves and her photography.


Hey there, I’m Sassy!! Otherwise known as Assassynation photography.  I LOVE weddings, particularly weddings with a difference.  Ones with some serious personality, one’s where it gets a bit crazy……..basically anything fun.



Ummm I have quite a few, I have a chest piece, a whole back piece, my ring finger has a traditional Thai symbol on it which I had done with bamboo during my vow renewal, I have a hand tapped Thai yant on my wrist, I have my charm bracelet which documents the interesting places I go and people I meet that have impacted on my life….. This I’ll be adding to forever!!



People who know who they are, people who are unapologetic about their uniqueness and who refuse to be sidetracked in to doing “what everybody else does”.  I love creative, interesting and alternative people who judge people on their merits not what designer label they wear, what colour their hair is or what the fact that they have tattoos.  Basically if you are unusual, a bit weird, totally bonkers, and eccentric or straying from the norm I am going to love you and you are what inspire me to do this.  



Whatever the hell you want!! Don’t be bullied in to anything, be brave, be yourself!! If you want a corpse bride dress, or a leopard print dress, or you want to show off your tatts then do it.  It’s your day!! 



People who are bold, tattooed, know their own mind and have a sense of fun and adventure (Which is totally necessary for when I’m making you do crazy stuff for awesome shots!)



Funnily enough I just did.. I renewed my vows in Thailand in what can only be called my mental 80’s parrot dress.  Check it out!!! 


Know your own mind? Refuse to conform to the norm? Are you having a kick ass wedding?!! Then I am offering a£200 discount for anyone who books me for their wedding or vow renewal before 31st December 2015!! You might even get an added bonus if your wedding totally blows my mind!!


How awesome is Sassy’s work? Be sure to check out the brand spanking new Assassynation website along with her Facebook and Twitter! Be sure to drop and email to to talk about your wedding photography. Be sure to leave Sassy some major love! 

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One response to “ASSASSYNATION – Shot By Sassy

  1. Sassy’s work is awesome! I was so impressed when I found out one of my brides, Nicola, had her booked! 🙂 And I’m so pleased to see a photo of her in this post! (Blue hair black dress with red detailing) Loving your stuff!!