A Tattooed Wedding At The Hilton – Lucy & Neil


Today I get to share with you the sleek wedding of tattooed bride and groom Lucy and Neil that took place at the Hilton in Swindon with photography from Kevin Belson. I love the story of how they both met..


One day I was getting on the bus (in the days before I could drive) and I saw a guy hobbling towards the bus stop just as the bus was pulling away.  I decided to be nice and ask the driver to stop.  He got on the bus and we started talking.  He actually told me that he had been back visiting his son, who lived with his ex-wife and that he would never get married again – Challenge accepted!

We then started talking online the next day after we had found each other on Myspace.  I had to ask him out 3 times before he would accept my offer of going for a drink. I finally managed to persuade him, and we went for a drink.. .. the rest, as they say, is history! Turns out he had given his last £20 to his son for Easter.


Our wedding was a little less than traditional.  We had over 200 temporary tattoos hat we put on each of the tables.  Both myself and Neil are heavily tattooed, so we thought we would give our guests the opportunity to join us!

We also had a wedding cake made of 100 cupcakes, with a giant cupcake on the top.  All decorated with skulls!


We do have some couples’ tattoos..  The first being a simple star on the tops of our backs, which we got when we were first together. The second is a bit more of a fun story – Our tattoo artist is a very good friend of ours called Steve Peters (Magic Mandala Tattoo).  One day, Neil was being tattooed and I was chilling out watching.  Steve said “Ok, I’m just going to start on this bit now”  to which I, being a cocky sh!t, piped up “I’ll do it!” Obviously, I was joking.. but Steve, being Steve, wouldn’t let me get away with making a stupid comment like that so easily.

“I suggest you don’t say things in future if you don’t mean them.  Now, sit there and put these gloves on”


Uh-oh…. About 10 minutes later, Neil was the proud owner of a *very* wobbly ‘L’ and a little black heart, underneath his armpit at the top of his arm. (It’s a lot harder than it looks, I can tell you!) However, it was then decided that it I had tattooed Neil, it was only fair if he got to return the favour, so to speak. He then tattooed an N and a little black heart in the same place on me.. .. only his *might* have been slightly neater then mine… (Don’t tell him I said that)


I knew I wanted something to show my tattoos off.   People would say to me “But what are you going to do about all your tattoos on your wedding day?” Like I should cover them up or something.  My tattoos are part of me, I had no intention of hiding them for anybody!  I ended up with a halterneck dress, so I managed to get the majority of them on show!


How gorgeous is Lucy and Neil’s wedding? I love the bridesmaids’ dresses from Berketex. Lucy bought her dress online and her gorgeous bouquet was created by I Heart Buttons. Leave them both and wedding photography Kevin Belson some love!

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One response to “A Tattooed Wedding At The Hilton – Lucy & Neil

  1. I am in awe at the skill of this photographer. We’ve shot events at this hotel and given such an uninspiring background of the venue, his work is utterly brilliant. Total kudos. Looks like a lovely happy wedding and great photography.