A 1940s Wedding Complete With A Hawaiian Tiki Celebrations – Pernille & Matt


Today I get to share with you the simple and formal wedding ceremony in Copenhagen of Pernille & Matt who met at a Psychobilly festival in Germany,  with photography from Luna Photography, and an awesome Hawaiian themed evening party! 


I loved the fact that I got to marry my dream guy and throw cake in his face all in the same day! No, honestly, I will always look back on that day with a smile on my face, thinking that the entire day seemed as one big highlight. I feel pretty lucky!

We didn’t want to spend loads of money on location, outfits, food, etc. and thus really worked hard to maintain a budget that was reasonable (to us). Also, we definitely didn’t want a church wedding with a white dress, bridesmaids, speeches and all that. Lastly, it was important to us that the wedding day represented us and that it was a day that we could enjoy without feeling like we were being tied down by numerous wedding traditions.


And I think we succeeded in that. The combination of a simple, yet formal, wedding ceremony inspired by the era of the 1940s with a Hawaiian themed wedding party worked really well and definitely represents us as a couple.


The DIY elements to our wedding were the decorations for the Tiki party. Coming up with silly ideas on how to decorate a really posh looking place (The Odd Fellow) so that it would give you the feel of being in Hawaii – making candle holders out of carved pineapples and such.

I didn’t think of my tattoos when searching for my dress. The most important thing was that the dress gave me a feel of the 1940s. As I didn’t have any luck finding the perfect vintage dress from that era (as I had imagined it for our wedding), I just wanted a simple and rather formal dress that still provided a feel of it. But I guess that the fact that (some of) my tattoos happened to show made the look more personal, which I definitely appreciate because they mean a lot to me.


How ace does Pernille & Matt’s 1940s tiki party look? Be sure to them them both and Luna Photography some love!

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Marriage ceremony – City Hall in Copenhagen
Wedding reception – The Odd Fellow in Copenhagen
Pernille’s Ceremony Dress – Daisy Dapper, shoes from BAIT, custom-made hat by Ella Gajewska
Pernille’s Tiki Dress Wedding party – Pinup Girl Clothing, tiki shoes from Lucky Lou Shoes.
Suit/attire – Lovely 20s-40s inspired suit from NEXT
Flowers: Simple bouquet of white roses.
Photographer – Emma Allen, Luna Photography
Hair & Make up – Hair by a friend, Rosa and make up by Maria My, another friend from Copenhagen.
Cake – Again, I’m not really a big fan when it comes to wedding traditions, so we
had barely planned having a wedding cake … But a friend decided against that
and made one anyway.. We weren’t complaining, obviously.

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