An Outdoor Wedding At Falling Foss Tea Garden- Stephanie & Jock


Today I get to share with you this beautiful wedding that took place at Falling Foss Tea Garden, then onto the bride’s father’s back garden for a small, fun reception and then the day after for a larger gathering! Stephanie and Jock had family that travelled miles to be at their wedding, so the small reception meant that they got to spend time with everyone on their special day which Emma Warley Photography shot beautifully.


“Every detail was made to measure for us. It was mainly outdoors, it was fun, nothing too formal, it was really colourful”

Jock’s a musician and there was a musical theme throughout that wasn’t too heavy, but there were flowers made of sheet music, sheet music bunting and snack bowls made from old vinyl records. There were also butterflies, which mean a lot to me – my family told me when my gran died that every time I saw a butterfly it was her checking in on me.


We couldn’t find a way to fit in everything we wanted in one day so we used two! Friday was the ceremony at the waterfall, followed by a BBQ at my Dad’s house and we invited about 40 people. Saturday, we invited a further 200 and had live music, provided by an array of friends, and a hog roast and lots of dancing. It was important to us that our guests didn’t have to pay out too much, like you often have to with a hotel, so we fully catered the Friday and on Saturday the owners of the barn provided a very reasonable bar and a hog roast.

I loved the food! I had all my favourites – smoked salmon, steak and a cake made of tiered wheels of cheese!


I made the vinyl bowls and the music bunting. Jock is a sign-maker and he made a lot of signage including a banner with our names on and the cake topper. I also made the napkin rings which were in the form of butterflies, and some 3D butterflies for decoration. My best friend up-cycles denim and she made all the buttonholes for us. They were perfect, as she couldn’t be there, so it was great to have a part of her talent so prominent on the day. Because the reception was at Dad’s, we made and put up decorations in the garden, my Dad and step-mum worked so hard to make it look perfect. The day after the wedding, we were at the barn in jeans, decorating for the Saturday night. We are both control freaks really, so we enjoyed this level of involvement! 


My main tattoo is on my upper arm, much of it represents my gran (butterfly again) and I didn’t want it covered up, nor did I want a really busy dress that would clash with the design. It’s quite colourful too, and the different coloured bridesmaids’ dresses and flowers fit well with the colours in it.


How fantastic does Stephanie and Jock’s two day wedding look? Thank you to them both and to Emma Warley Photography for sharing with Marry Me Ink today! Be sure to leave them all some love!

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  1. Love your shoes, pretty.

  2. Thank you so much for my first ever blog feature, was so excited when I spotted it just now! This wedding was amazing and a joy to shoot – and the scones were amazing, totally worth going back to Falling Foss for!

  3. fantastic! where is the barn, is it part of Falling Foss or nearby ?

  4. Michelle hunter

    Hi I would love to know where the barn is? Do you have A website or name iOS it?