TATTOO TUESDAY – 9th December 2014

Today I get to share with you a beautiful tattoo that was a joint effort of two of my favourite female German artists – Dea Vectorink and Annie Frenzel.


“Today my friend Dea Vectorink and I did a collaboration on the lovely Sunny Sajah. This is how we worked it: I drew the girl, Dea drew the sloth. Then I added an outfit and tattoos to the sloth and she added details to the lady. When we started tattooing we decided that Dea would tattoo my lady and I would tattoo her sloth. Just so we both would get to try out something new. Here is the outcome..”


How amazing is the outcome? Be sure to leave both Annie & Dea some love. Annie has recently joined Dea at The Rusty Anchor tattoo studio for new clients! Be sure to contact them for some great projects!

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