Rock ‘n Race – A Whiskey,Smoke and Tattoo Filled Inspiration Shoot


I absolutely LOVED this shoot when photographer Leon of Flier! sent this over. The words whiskey, tattoos and Dalmatians had my full attention! (Seriously – DALMATIANS!)


The styling of the shoot looks so dramatic against against the white walls of the warehouse, it’s too hard to pick my favourite bits – Though I do love the table dressing with the taxidermy! I had the chance to speak to Leon of Flier! about the idea behind the Rock ‘n Race shoot.


During a brainstorm session it became clear: Let’s create an non-standard wedding shoot, awesome and really out-of-the-box. To present a shoot to show wedding couples that everything and anything is possible. A shoot inspired by the tattoos of the outstanding bride and her groom. Rough but with a classy look… So we did!


I got to work with some of the best professional suppliers in the wedding industry. This was important, because with a theme that is so outspoken, it’s necessary that everything fits perfectly together. We found the perfect location – A great wedding venue with several industrial, rough and ‘rock and roll’ spaces. They also have a kart-track in the house! We created this shoot ‘Rock ’n Race’ with awesome styling inspired by the colors black, white, red and gold and connected them with the words Rock, Tattoo, Whiskey, Cigars, Smoke, Roses, Lace, Kart-Track and Dalmatians!


What have whiskey, red roses, two dalmatians, fruit, a kart track, tattoos, a dress of lace, smoke and making a couple look striking have in common? Well, they are the perfect ingredients for this awesome shoot styled Rock ‘n Race.


Rough but with a classy look. It rocks! We used beautiful materials with structures and striking colors. All inspired by the graceful tattoos of the couple, the outstanding location and rough atmosphere.


All the elements fall perfect together in this awesome shoot! Like the stationery, the wedding cake, the dresses, make-up, styling, flower arrangements, the dogs, interior parts, tough wedding location and creative photography. A series of photographs showing that a wedding doesn’t have to be standard.


Romance with a raw edge! With a team of specialists we worked hard on this rough, yet very stylish photo shoot.


How awesome is this shoot? Thank you again to Leon of Flier! for sharing Rock ‘n Race with Marry Me Ink. I love seeing a bunch of creatives getting together and producing something awesome. The full list of super suppliers are listed at the end of the feature – Be sure to leave them some love!

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Photography: Flier!
Location: The Fabrique

Flowers and Styling: Don Florito
Wedding Dresses: Victor’s Wedding Design
Make-up and Hair: Pietertje Schmitt
Stationery: Card Wise
Cake: Le Beau Gateau
Interior Pieces: JAN rental
Stuffed animals: Luxury by nature
Dogs: Buck & Cil 

Models Katy Gold, Vinnie Watts, Erwin Brunsveld and Evelien van Buggenum

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