A Colourful, Woodland Trash The Dress Shoot


Amanda decided even before the wedding that she was going to do a colourful trash the dress shoot! Zoe of ZT Photography sent me the shoot over and I loved it straight away! What isn’t there to love about copious amounts of paint and smoke bombs?!


When we photographed Amanda’s wedding last summer, she had already informed me she was planning on doing a Trash the Dress shoot afterwards. Words we rarely hear before the wedding takes place but we were so glad we did! Amanda was up for any ideas, so what better than to go all out with our concepts and get involved with water, coloured flares, paint and our fave…levitation! Yes!


We’ve done a shoot at Browsholme & Tithe Barn before, it’s a fantastic wedding venue…so were thrilled when let us use their beautiful grounds and lake again.


It was a tad chilly to say the least, with snow and ice on the lake, but hot toddys kept Amanda warm right though to the paint finale! It was such a fab day and a truelly liberating trash the dress shoot, trust me, it went straight in the bin after!


I think Trash The Dress shoots are a great way to celebrate your wedding dress! How awesome is Amanda’s paint covered dress?! Thank you both her and Zoe of ZT Photography for sharing the shoot with Marry Me Ink today!

browsholme-hall-trash-the-dress-wedding-photographer_0010 browsholme-hall-trash-the-dress-wedding-photographer_0021 browsholme-hall-trash-the-dress-wedding-photographer_0015 browsholme-hall-trash-the-dress-wedding-photographer_0016 browsholme-hall-trash-the-dress-wedding-photographer_0017 browsholme-hall-trash-the-dress-wedding-photographer_0018 browsholme-hall-trash-the-dress-wedding-photographer_0020 browsholme-hall-trash-the-dress-wedding-photographer_0031 browsholme-hall-trash-the-dress-wedding-photographer_0006 browsholme-hall-trash-the-dress-wedding-photographer_0004 browsholme-hall-trash-the-dress-wedding-photographer_0003 browsholme-hall-trash-the-dress-wedding-photographer_0002 browsholme-hall-trash-the-dress-wedding-photographer_0032 browsholme-hall-trash-the-dress-wedding-photographer_0033 browsholme-hall-trash-the-dress-wedding-photographer_0009 browsholme-hall-trash-the-dress-wedding-photographer_0024 browsholme-hall-trash-the-dress-wedding-photographer_0025 browsholme-hall-trash-the-dress-wedding-photographer_0026 browsholme-hall-trash-the-dress-wedding-photographer_0027 browsholme-hall-trash-the-dress-wedding-photographer_0029 browsholme-hall-trash-the-dress-wedding-photographer_0013 browsholme-hall-trash-the-dress-wedding-photographer_0014

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