Love Letters – A Tattooed Spring Garden


Today I get to share with you the gorgeous Clare and Jon’s outdoor love shoot from Emma of  ELS Design Photography. Emma is based in Kent and her photography is so quirky, creative and bright – I love seeing her work. 


I liked Jon for a long time before he even knew I existed. Then a few months down the line by huge coincidence we was set up by a mutual friend. We only had one date!


Jon proposed on my birthday, I say “Jon” but he actually tied a ribbon round our dog’s neck with a ring and little card saying “Will you marry me?”.


I took a while trying to find the right dress for my tattoos, there are a big part of me and I wouldn’t want to cover them up on our big day.


We don’t have a couple tattoo yet but it will probably be one of the first things we do as a married couple.


How gorgeous are Clare and Jon’s tattoos? I love that Clare is showing hers off on her wedding day (She looks amazing – I’ve seen them!). I also love their engagement story – what’s cuter than getting the pets involved? 


Thank you to them both and to Emma of ELS Design Photography for sharing their tattooed engagement shoot with Marry Me Ink today!

MMI_4326 MMI_4329 MMI_4307 MMI_4310 MMI_4302 MMI_4311 MMI_4305 MMI_4304 MMI_4314 MMI_4316 MMI_4317 MMI_4323 MMI_4328 MMI_4321

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