An Old School Tattoo Party – Anna & Conor


Today I get to share with you Anna and Conor’s awesome tattoo themed wedding from Lorna Lovecraft Photography. Though Anna isn’t tattooed, they had a friend design all the old school tattoos that were using in all the decoration throughout the whole wedding.


We both met each other  online. I was a serial dater and liked to have my dinner bought for me at least once a week!! Conor was date number 25!! We hit it off straight away, I knew instantly he was the one for me. Our date turned into a whole weekend and only stopped because we has to go to work!! We were pretty much inseparable from that moment on.


Our wedding was on an extreme budget!! So I made as much as I could and pulled in many favours!! Our rings were made as a gift by my best friend who is a goldsmith, she melted down old family wedding rings to make ours, I love the thought of all the previous, now deceased couples who have loved each other and their wedding rings which are now in ours. Also, I slaved over 80m of bunting and 100 favours… The most fun bit was being joined by a close friend and drinking wine and eating cheese whilst inserting confetti into clear plastic baubles!!


Our whole wedding was designed to represent us as a couple and a family. One of my close friends designed old school tattoo images of everything from our names in love hearts to a swallow holding a scroll with our daughters name in it. We also had a black cat in a top hat, horseshoes, shamrocks, padlocks and skulls! These images were used throughout our wedding, I had them embroidered on my dress, they were on the invites, we had temporary tattoos made of them, they were on the bunting, favours and cake. We also had them blown up into canvases as gifts for people who had helped us out with the planning.


I personally don’t have any tattoos, but our tattoo designs were certainly taken into consideration!! I needed a dress that wouldn’t up stage them, but that looked the 1950’s part. We don’t have any couple tattoos, but there is talk amongst the friendship group of having one of our wedding designs, the heart padlock, tattooed on to a few of us, it would be an amazing representation of our long lasting friendship and the love we have.


How awesome is Anna and Conor’s wedding? Thank you to them both and to Lorna Lovecraft for sharing with Marry Me Ink today. Be sure to check out their full list of suppliers at the end of this post! 

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Photographer: Lorna Lovecraft
Wedding ceremony & reception: The Guildhall, Winchester.
Anna’s Dress: Dig for Victory, Brighton.
Conor’s Suit: River Island
Hair: Nicola at Nivana, Winchester
Cake: The Cup Cake Kitten
Tattoo Designs:
Rings by Victoria Anne Design.
Embroidery: Warfedale Embroiderly, Otley, Yorkshire.

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