A Secret Wedding in Dubrovnik – Maartje & Craig


Tattooed bride Maartje and husband Craig were married in a private beach wedding the the beautiful Dubrovnik with gorgeous golden shots captured by Željka Milić Photography.


“A hidden beach, a perfect sunset and only my gorgeous husband there to spend the most beautiful day of my life with me: our wedding day”


“The girls of Dubrovnic Dream perfectly understood what we wanted this day to be – just us and our promises to each other.” Explained Maartje, “He makes me fall in love with him every day, again and again…”


“And I have a inked wedding ring to remind me every day”


“Our wedding day was by far the best day of my life, since the day I met my bride.” Craig wrote, “Everything from waking up in the beautiful house with the ocean view and the sunshine on my back, to the carefully and expertly done tattoos by Davor, and of course the wedding organization and ceremony by Dubrovnik Dream. It was a perfectly intimate occasion that allowed me to be at one with my amazing wife, and lose myself completely in the moment, and what it meant for our future and our family. If photos could ever speak a million words, our wedding pictures speak a billion! I’m welling up with tears again, just at the thought of our perfect day.”


How beautiful is Maartje and Craig’s secret wedding? Thank you to them both and to Željka Milić Photography for sharing their precious moment with Marry Me Ink.

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