An Indie Folk Rock Wedding – Kaitlyn & Michael


This morning on Marry Me Ink I get to share with you tattooed bride Kaitlyn and husband Michael’s gorgeous golden wedding from Tampa wedding photographer Regina As The Photographer. Their wedding took place at the stunning Wishing Well Barn in Plant City, Florida.


Michael and I met through a 12 step fellowship that we are both in, We had been friends for years but something shifted in our relationship when we decided to take a trip to Universal studios together one year, even though we didn’t get physical during that trip – The energy between us completely changed us and I’m so glad it did.

Our day was Everything I never knew I wanted and more.


The most significant detail that represented us was probably the indie folk rock badassness we had for music – and the contrast between the beautiful mermaid-esque strapless white wedding gown, and my tattoos.. I wondered for the longest time how my tattoos would look in that dress, and for me – It represented us perfectly. The only other detail was one that only myself, Michael and my little brother, Connor (who married us) knew about – and it was the book that was being “read” from for the ceremony by my little brother- What was needed to perform the ceremony was printed on a piece of paper and slipped into the “Book” to look like that’s what was being read – The book was a piece of literature from the 12 step fellowship Michael and I are in.


All of my center pieces were created by myself, my Maid of Honor and my Man of honor. I also worked up some Mason Jar wedding favors which were also the escort cards. The more fun of those two were the centre pieces- They were beautiful (and I enjoyed pretending like I knew what I was doing!).


I thought long and hard about whether to have a long sleeved dress or not – but not because of the fact that I didn’t want my tattoos to show, but because Michael and I were getting married before my sleeve was finished and that bothered me.


The entire day was a highlight! I never imagined it being that devastatingly BADASS but it was – The ENTIRE day was amazing! If I had to think of a certain moment unlike the others, it would be when I was waiting in the cottage (that I was preparing all day in) and watching the groomsmen walk past and go down to the arbour – and it was Michaels turn, and he walked down- not knowing I was peaking through the window at him, and I broke down crying because I loved him so much – I had never been overwhelmed by love like that before.


The biggest thing I learned was to stay in the moment. There would be so many times that I was obsessing over completing a task for this amazing wedding, and I would forget that right in front of me was the man I was planning all of this for. To celebrate US and I realized my fiancé and I needed to remember to go on dates and spend time NOT talking about the wedding etc. We needed to remember to be just a couple in love and not make our relationship about a specific event.


How beautiful is Kaitlyn and Michael’s story? It makes you realise that you’re celebrating your lives and future – not just your wedding day and that’s the awesomeness about the day, not all the details (as cool as they are and how much we love them). Thank you to them both and to Regina As The Photographer for sharing their day with Marry Me Ink!

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Photography: Regina As The Photographer
Venue: Wishing Well Barn
Dress: Stella York
Suits: Vera Wang
Bridesmaids: Dessy
Hair and Makeup: Kylelynn Weddings
Cake: Publix
Entertainment: Fortuity Entertainment

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