Love Letters – When You Know, You Know


Today on Marry Me Ink from Savannah Lauren Photography is Seth and Lauren’s gorgeous tattooed and bearded engagement shoot.


I met Seth two years ago. He was invited to join me and his sister Savannah for Indian food. About a year later, July 2015, I had accidentally invited him to an event where we watched a movie in the park. Seth came up to me and thanked me for inviting him. We started talking that day and we haven’t really stopped talking since.


I knew I wanted to marry Seth only a few weeks into dating him and I had never felt that way about anyone else. He felt the same way. It really is like they say “When you know, you know”. We both definitely knew! Seth was clear about his intentions with me and that helped us to build trust really quickly.


On one occasion Seth and I were having a heated discussion. This discussion carried on into a few days, both of us were quite passionate. Finally, one day I cancelled my plans for the evening so Seth and I could meet to talk it over.

Once it was resolved, I wanted Seth to know that even though that we have disagreements that I still love him and want to marry him. This was one of the most difficult conversations we had ever had. We both wanted to be clear that we have the utmost love for one another and that breaking up wasn’t “on the table”.


Seth kind of stopped when we were talking about that, he said “Well, I actually want to take breaking up off the table completely” he reached in his bag, pulled out a box with a ring inside, and asked “Lauren, will you marry me?”

I think the range of emotions had me kind of in shock. I laughed a lot. Then I said “YES!”.


I’ve already chosen my wedding dress – I knew I wanted to show my tattoos and the style of dress I wanted. Thankfully I found it the first day I went looking for a dress!


How cute are Lauren and Seth?! I love their story and how honest and open they are with each other. I can’t wait to see their wedding! Thank you to them both and to Savannah Lauren Photography for sharing their engagement shoot with Marry Me Ink.

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