A Halloween Themed Wedding With Cats – Fran & Lewis


Today on Marry Me Ink I get to share with you tattooed bride Fran and Lewis’ Halloween wedding and handfasting from favourite Assassynation Photography. Fran wore a stunning Couture Company leopard print dress and then everyone went back home for a  movie and pizza – PERFECT!


How did we meet.. The gym (I told my best friend I was going to marry him and have his babies). We wouldn’t speak to each other there so I messaged him on POF. We spoke for months then arranged a date to take our dogs for a walk. We went to Cannock chase for our first date – a popular place for dogging at night time (We tell everyone we went dogging on the chase for our first date!!)


Everything represented us at the wedding. My heartagram on the belt and Lewis tattoo heartagram on his wedding Finger. Our favourite band had to be in there somewhere. Having the cats there was so important to us. And watching Pet Semetary at home with pizza really represented us as a couple. Everything we did was completely us. 


As for DIY – The confetti was made from cut out bits of the book Frankenstein, Fran’s favourite book. The babies also had flower crowns and cardigans made. 


Lewis had his wedding ring finger tattooed for his ring. He had a heartagram. We are planning to get Mortica and Gomez Addams tattoos that match this year. Or Corpse Bride ones – we can’t decide yet! I also need to get my finger tattooed, I’m thinking of a cat head because of the cat ears I wore on the day.

I did take my tattoos into account. That’s why I had the grey overall part to the dress, it was so pretty and see through so you could still see them.


The highlight of our wedding was lighting the candles in the wind at the handfasting. We thought they would light but they did and they stayed lit, apparently that means we will have a long happy marriage. 


My advice for brides planning their wedding would be to stick to your guns and have the wedding that’s best for you two. Don’t feel like you have to loose weight or grow your hair. The day goes sooo fast so enjoy!!


How beautiful is Fran and Lewis’ Halloween wedding? I love how Fran wore a gorgeous grey coloured dress and wore Dr Martens. Thank you to them both and to Assassynation Photography for sharing their day with Marry Me Ink today. Be sure to leave them some love.

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Photographer: Assassynation
Ceremony Venue: Tutbury Castle
Reception Venue: Our House for pizza and films.
Bride’s Dress: The Couture Company
Bride’s Headpiece: Leopard print ears from Crown and Glory
Make Up: Le Keux Vintage Salon
Groom’s Attire: Suit, shoes and belt from ASOS plus Vintage family items 
Cake: Made by Fran’s best friend
Frankenstein and his Bride Topper: Holly Bailey- Alternate Normality.
Flowers: Heaven Scent Florist, Lichfield
Caterers: Dominos Pizza
Other Entertainment: Films – Pet Semetary and Shaun of the Dead.
Transport: 2CV with a leopard print ribbon on.

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