A São Paulo Elopement In A Parking Lot – Nany & Jean

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I love it when a wedding is completely unique to the couple – Tattooed bride and groom Nany and Jean are no exception. They decided to elope in the middle of a parking lot with photographer Gabriel Galvani. Nany got her gorgeous dress from A Modista.

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I met Jean one year after I saw him for the first time. As soon as I saw him, I whispered to a friend that the guy would be my boyfriend, just the way he stared at me. A year has passed and he found me through Facebook and I confess, we fell in love when we finished our first chat. Three days later we had a meeting (in the same place where I had first seen him, at the skate park) and I remember the way he hugged me and didn’t let me go. A safe-haven. You know? After that, we began to meet every single day. We could not stay away from each other, and when we were, we felt bad about it. We loved each other very much.

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I loved all of it – The smiles and hugs, and kisses. All. Everything itself. Even with our badass photographer and our effing make-up artist, it was our moment. He and I. Only ours. I just wanted that evening to last an eternity, for the rest of my life.

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I want my tattoos to appear somehow when I was choosing my dress – But elegantly. I mean, tattoos are part of me and it makes me what I really am. I don’t have to hide or disguise. Can be who I really am, that was one of the most important points for me to say yes to the dress. A Modista is the best place for this here in São Paulo!

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We do have matching tattoos – In fact we have two! The first was made three months before we dating. It’s a heartgram behind the left ear. And the other is two skulls that represent us – at the ankles. A boy’s skull and girl skull.. (We got these ones last month!)

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“Don’t be ashamed to be who or what you really are. You are a special person and your tattoos makes you a unique and beautiful person. Just say yes to yourself. And be happy!”

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How gorgeous is Nany and Jean’s elopement. I love that they did what they wanted and had the whole day to spend together, creating the most stunning portraits. Thank you to them both and to their photographer Gabriel Galvani for sharing with Marry Me Ink today.

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