A Simplistic Elopement With Hippy Vibes – Kristy & Spiryt


Today on Marry Me Ink is tattooed bride Kristy and Spiryt’s elopement at Vance Birthplace State Park, surrounded by close family and a gorgeous landscape of woodland and mountains. They both made the decision to have a “no fuss” wedding without frills and decoration and instead chose to spend their budget on hiring Alexis Schwallier Photography, who also shot their Edward Scissorhands inspired garden engagement which was featured on Marry Me Ink a short while ago.


Honestly, just the simplicity and no fuss feel of our wedding day represented us as a couple. Our elopement was outside at the Vance Birthplace State Park in Asheville, North Carolina. We both wanted a chill, hippie like vibe to our day where everything was just go with the flow. We had no dress code, no theme, and we didn’t want our wedding to be fussy. We are both pretty chill people who love beautiful things. That’s why we wanted to have the elements of the mountains around us for our big day.


Stay true to what you both want for your wedding. It’s about the two of you coming together, not everyone else. I knew that I didn’t want a huge spectacle of a wedding because that’s not me and not us. It was challenging at times when we had to justify our choice of eloping, but in the end we are completely happy with our decision. 


Spiryt went above and beyond for our wedding. At first we had planned on eloping with just us, my grandparents, my 2 kids, my best friend & 2 godsons, his mom, his 2 sisters, & older brother. We were on a budget, & we knew we wanted to spend more of our funds on the honeymoon & our photographer.


Spiryt had secretly asked my mom, dad, & my 3 siblings to come from our of town for our wedding. My family lives in West Virginia, which is about 7 hours away from Asheville, North Carolina. With him telling my mom about the wedding, she told all of my aunts, uncles, & cousins about it as well. Spiryt tried to hold the secret of my family coming from me, but I could tell he was stressing out about something, so he spilled the beans the week before our wedding day. Our wedding party turned into a small one, into 30 people. It was absolutely thoughtful of him to go out of the way, & I was so thankful that he did that for me.


How lovely is Kristen and Spiryt’s outdoor elopement. I just adore the landscape for their wedding. Thank you to them both and to Alexis Schwallier Photography for sharing their elopement with Marry Me Ink today.

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