Comic Books Meet Gothic Great Gatsby – Becky & Dan’s Halloween Wedding


Today on Marry Me Ink is tattooed bride Becky and husband Dan’s Halloween wedding from the ever awesome Nandi Forward Photography. As well as being on Halloween, Backy and Dan had a gothic Great Gastby feel to their day with hint of superheroes at High Rocks in Tunbridge Wells.


Our wedding was absolutely amazing, full of love, laughter, quirkiness, shared with the best family and friends and tattooed weirdos – Perfect!!


I believe that all of our details represented us as a couple as they were included for this exact reason, but to pick a main detail I would say it would be our cake topper. It was of a heartagram, the logo of our favourite band “HIM”. They have been a big influence to both of us as individuals but also as a couple. My husband proposed to me when we went to London to see one of their gigs on Halloween and it was also 9 years ago to the date to when I had last seen them. We were also both at that gig but we didn’t realise at the time. He planned it very well.


I also included extra little details to represent us both, including superhero and Alice in Wonderland playing cards, my batman garter (for my husband of course), the comic book table numbers and generally trying to keep the look quite dark and gothic, with a lot of blacks and purples, as it represents our taste and style. We are a “quirky” couple as my mum likes to describes us, but in the most loving way.


I did have a few DIY elements that I was very happy with and enjoyed making. The skulls were my absolute favourite as I’m obsessed with anything skulls! I bought 12 of them, all life size and I decorated them with black and silver gems and diamantes with the help of my sister in law. I also loved the bridesmaids roses as they were handmade by myself and my mum, so it was very sentimental.


The best DIY element had to be our amazing guest book made by our friend (also one of the groomsmen) and tattooist, Mike. The guest book was a hand made replica of the book form Evil Dead, “Naturom Demonto” – he made it so well and we couldn’t of been happier with it!


At first when I was shopping for my dress, I didn’t really focus on my tattoos but more on how comfortable I would be, as I don’t usually wear dresses and I wasn’t sure what would fit my body shape and height. I’m also not the best shopper and I find shopping overwhelming at the best of times and this would be the only time I get to wear such a beautiful dress and of course I wanted it to look perfect! I always knew that I wanted to show my tattoos as much as I could but being comfortable had to come first for me. Luckily the dress that I found and fell in love with was sleeveless and backless so I was able to show some more ink off. It was beautiful and I felt amazing in it.


The whole day was absolutely amazing and overwhelming, but ill probably have to say the best moment, for me, was after walking down the aisle, and trying not to trip over my dress, I saw my husband with a big grin on his face and I couldn’t of been more in love with him. BUT, another big highlight of the day, which brought smiles to everyone’s faces, and even tears of laughter, was the best man speech by both of Dan’s best men. Not only was the speech amazing but it included merchandise, such as mugs, jigsaw puzzle, key rings and even t-shirts with pictures of Dan! They could have made some money if they went ahead with selling them to the guests instead of giving them to us as an extra gift.


Remember your wedding day is about you as a couple! This should be the main focus and be yourselves and express yourselves the way you want to. Tattoos are amazing and you have them for a reason so never hide them especially on your wedding day! It’s the best day of your life so enjoy it!!


How beautiful is Becky and Dan’s wedding? Thank you so much to them both and to Nandi Forward Photography for sharing it with Marry Me Ink – You can find their full list of suppliers at the end of the post.

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Wedding Ceremony & Reception: High Rocks, Tunbridge Wells
Dress designer: Essense of Australia
Suits: Next
Bridesmaids dresses:
Bridal Bouquet:
Photographer: Nandi Forward Photography
Hair: The White Room, Tunbridge Wells
Make Up: The Beauty Aisle (Eliie)
Cake: Daisy Doux
Venue Styling: Ruffles

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