An Airbnb Wedding Reception In Texas – Allie & Dave


Today on Marry Me Ink, I get to share with you tattooed bride Allie and tattooed groom Dave’s Texas chapel wedding and awesome Airbnb reception (What an awesome idea!). This meant they had the small, private wedding they wanted and Austin wedding photographer Elissa R Photography was there to capture it all.


We met at work – our desks were located near each other, and Dave had to pass me to get to his desk when he came into the office every day. We’d awkwardly smile and bat eyelashes each other for a few moments every day until one of our co-workers introduced us because he just knew we’d be into each other.


Everything that we had represented us as a couple on the day! From the privacy of the wedding to our style. We tried to stay as true to ourselves as possible when planning everything out. My mom took care of decorating the cupcakes and arranging them. We didn’t really make anything for our wedding, we just kept it small and simple.

I actually had the tattoo on my back entirely reworked before the wedding because it showed my back and I wanted to ensure my ink matched my beautiful dress that day.


The entire day was amazing! The highlight for me was the overall lack of stress in the day. Also, in the beginning of our ceremony we had a little moment of silence for our passed loved ones, and right when our vows concluded the most amazing breeze swept through the chapel. It was a very hot day so the breeze felt heavenly.


Plan your day the way you and your partner want it to go. Don’t worry about catering to other’s opinions! We planned our day entirely around being stress free and just having fun and doing what we wanted. Another thing I’m glad we did: invest in a good photographer (and videographer if you want!). It really will pay off in the end!


How awesome is Allie and Dave’s low key wedding? I love that they did exactly what they wanted – How gorgeous does Allie’s lace blush dress look with her cowboy boots? Thank you to them both and to Elissa R Photography for sharing with Marry Me Ink.

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