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Merry Kitschmas! Tasty Sweet Christmas Wedding Inspiration

It’s December!! And in three weeks time will be one of my favourite times of the year – Christmas!

Today on Marry Me Ink I get to share with you this amazing styled shoot from Chloe Lee Photography and Michaela at Clear Hearts – THE Rock and Roll events planner for the UK.. Imagine all your favourite things about Christmas all in one place – That’s what this shoot is about. I love it when my house looks like Christmas threw up in it and this is why I love this shoot – full of all the vintage and kitsch wonders you can find!

The idea was born of my love of “more is more,” Bjork and artists like Paul Yore, this mixed with Chloe Lee’s love of all things kitsch, Disney and O.T.T. Meant the cuteness flowed. She is the perfect pick for photographer as she knows how to make everything look adorable. 

I (Michaela, Clear Hearts) got all of us involved in bringing the kitsch, even though we all had different jobs on this shoot the team bought some of their fave Christmas Kitsch items for me to add into the styling. It made for such a great selection and made the van so full of fun. Kayleigh K our MUA bought her personal style of flawless bright skin and she added some beautiful sparkle to fit our theme. 

The cake with biscuits hanging from it was the genius idea of Malarkey cakes who also made the sparkly doughnuts hanging on the DIY mini doughnut wall made by Clear Hearts. They created the adorable biscuit pops which eliminated any sticky finger problems as the bride and groom tucked in enthusiastically.

Looking at the models  (makeup artist Yazz and tattoo artist Chris) you can see why Paper Hearts paintings was so keen to illustrate their likeness, she did a beautiful job and it turned out the couple were already big fans of her work! What a lovely Christmas gift that they got to keep after the fun day of shooting.

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A Retro Cartoon, Tattoo And Music Orientated Wedding With Dr Martens – Annmarie & Malcolm


“Music is probably our biggest shared passion”


I love everything about tattooed bride Annmarie & Malcolm’s wedding photographed by the wonderful Zoe Campbell Photography. From the bright and colourful paper cranes to Annmarie’s customised white Dr Martens! 


We have been together for just over 8 years now and first met through working together (we both worked in a jewellery store together) but didn’t get together straight away.  At the beginning Malcolm was my boss but when we actually got together we had both started working in a different jewellers together. 

“I do remember phoning my best friend, after my first day working with Malcolm, to tell her all about him even though it took us a couple of years to get together.”


After a few years of being really great friends, and a change in both our relationship status we finally realised we both wanted to be together and we began dating.  Since we were both still working in the same store we kept it all very quiet to begin with until we felt sure we were going to last and then we began to tell friends and family and finally work colleagues.

During the earlier times in our relationship we would talk about getting married and/or having children and I always said I would maybe get married but never have kids and Malcolm always said he would love to do both even going so far as checking out venues and prices for weddings.  I remember how one day we were in the flat and I looked at him and a wee switch flipped inside of me and I thought “Actually I think I do want to get married and have children”.  


We moved to our house probably about 2 years after we started dating and wee Niamh was born the following December (no slows on us eh?).  As time trundled on we talked a lot about getting married, I wanted to elope but Malcolm didn’t and we fell in and out of love with the idea of getting married as we felt we were already a family.  Early in 2012 the subject popped up again and instead of doing up the bathroom we started looking into wedding venues!! Funnily enough this means we don’t really have a proposal story as we very unromantically decided together we wanted to do it, kept it fairly quiet and then just announced to all of our family and friends that actually we had booked our wedding!!  We both enjoyed everyone’s surprised reaction although I may be guilty of winding folk up too much as quite a few folk we know thought I was winding them up, I had to show one friend an email from the venue before she believed me!!  


The details that represented us most were the music links – we had candle holders with the sheet music for Everlong by Foo Fighters (our first dance) and we chose Tonight Tonight by The Smashing Pumpkins for the signing of the register. Also the complete and utter randomness (is that a word?) of some of our wee details, like the choice of retro cartoons from our childhood for our table names (The Raccoons, Thundercats, The Trap Door, Gummi Bears, Fraggle Rock and DangerMouse) were very us.  Our venue was completely perfect for us because we wanted it to be a bit different from all the beautiful country house hotel type venues which although stunning aren’t really us.  I am a true city chick at heart and a proud Glaswegian one at that and when Malcolm and I were dating we were always in and around Glasgow city centre so we felt that the National Piping Centre was a perfect choice for us.


With the bridesmaids dresses being such a bright yellow we decided we wanted the entire wedding to look bright, fun, happy and quirky. To that end I then spent many and evening folding brightly coloured origami paper in paper cranes to use as place cards come wedding favours, I also made jumping origami frogs for our younger guests.


“I didn’t really look for a dress specifically taking my tattoos into account although I always knew that I would have them on show and never try to cover them up.”


As soon as I saw myself in the mirror I felt like Sara in that David Bowie (I’m a huge Bowie fan) movie Labyrinth where she’s at the masquerade ball!  I know it’s so geeky but that was my favourite movie as a kid, it always made me feel like anything was possible.  Anyway I loved the mix of really pretty bridal with my tattoos and Dr Martens (and of course the only nail colour choice was black).  What completed it all for me was that one of my amazing colleagues took great pains to embellish my tattoo on my upper arm on the day with little crystals which was just the final little detail.


How fantastic is Annmarie & Malcolm’s wedding? I absolutely love everything about it! The Beaubuttons bouquets, the amazing cake from Jenny’s Cakes the bright yellow  bridesmaids dresses and Annmarie’s hairpiece, it’s all so Sarah from the Labyrinth! (Also one of my favourite movies!) Thank you to them both for sharing their wedding and fabulous story with Marry Me Ink today and to Zoe Campbell Photography whose work I adore. Be sure to leave them all some love and to watch their wedding video from Bowery Productions.


Sun, Snow And Sweets – Cassie & Mario

0617-JAP-Cassie and Mario

 Good morning! With all this hot weather we’re having, I thought it’d be nice to have a bit of a cool down. Cassie & Mario were married at Byron Colby Barn, photographer Joshua Albanese caught the beauty of the snow is the daylight.

0686-JAP-Cassie and Mario

Cassie’s bridesmaids chose their own dresses, which I think fitted perfectly into all the lovely colours of the sweets..

0568-JAP-Cassie and Mario

Upon friending each other on Facebook, Cassie noticed he was in fact the little brother of a girl she was in elementary through high school with, meaning that Mario was 5 years younger!!! Making her feel a bit creepy at first. Mario made the first move by asking Cassie if she could help him complete his Christmas shopping for the women in his family (which of course that idea came from him & all his buddies sitting around thinking of a reason to ask her to join him for a date!). They have not spent more than a few days apart since that first date and the rest is history. 

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