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A Haunted Hotel Wedding At Halloween – Mallory & Chris


With Halloween less than a week away (Do you have your pumpkins ready?!), I just had to share with you Mallory and Chris’ dress-up haunted Hotel Havana wedding from Jeff Gilmer Photography.


I met Chris on my birthday, which happens to be New Years’s Eve. He crashed my party with a couple of my co-workers. A week later he messaged me online to ask me out. He lived in Austin at the time, but every weekend he made it a point to come see me in San Antonio. Well, at the time he already had a job lined up in Houston. I had two choices let him go, see what happens, (do the whole long distance thing) or do something crazy and go with him. So after only 3 months of dating I went with him, and don’t regret a thing.


We love horror movies, Halloween, and spooky cartoons. On top of being on Halloween, we picked a haunted venue that reflected that (with the best Cuban sandwiches), tried to tie together little details that weren’t too kitschy like the gold skeleton hand bracelets/vampire teeth button down shirts, and created a slide show of black and white Halloween cartoons that was projected on the courtyard wall.


As for DIY – we made these paper masks that we were really proud of. The template was made by guy named Steve Wintercroft who made really user friendly guidelines to make these really cool, modern animal masks from basically cereal box cardboard. They came out awesome!

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A Halloween Themed Wedding With Cats – Fran & Lewis


Today on Marry Me Ink I get to share with you tattooed bride Fran and Lewis’ Halloween wedding and handfasting from favourite Assassynation Photography. Fran wore a stunning Couture Company leopard print dress and then everyone went back home for a  movie and pizza – PERFECT!


How did we meet.. The gym (I told my best friend I was going to marry him and have his babies). We wouldn’t speak to each other there so I messaged him on POF. We spoke for months then arranged a date to take our dogs for a walk. We went to Cannock chase for our first date – a popular place for dogging at night time (We tell everyone we went dogging on the chase for our first date!!)


Everything represented us at the wedding. My heartagram on the belt and Lewis tattoo heartagram on his wedding Finger. Our favourite band had to be in there somewhere. Having the cats there was so important to us. And watching Pet Semetary at home with pizza really represented us as a couple. Everything we did was completely us. 

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A Skull Themed Wedding At The Boat Club – Zelda & Paul


It’s the weekend! Today on Marry Me Ink, I get to share with you tattooed bride Zelda and husband Paul’s skull-filled wedding at St Mary’s Boat Club from Topher + Rae Studios.


Paul and I met more than a dozen years ago at the Red Fox Tavern (it was a bit of a shady place and it has since closed down , too bad, they did have great wings ) “we were foxing it up” as we like to call it, after we danced the night away Paul drove me home but not until we almost got murdered by a train, yup we ran the tracks, what a close call I can still hear the train and see the lights, now that’s excitement for ya. We exchanged phone numbers and I heard from him a week later and we started dating we instantly clicked, it wasn’t long after and we moved in together.

The skulls were defiantly a big part of the day. Like I said in our program why the skull theme? The wife likes skulls, happy wife = happy life.

Being from Newfoundland I wanted some Newfie elements as well so I had ordered a seal skin bow tie from Always in Vogue from St. John’s Newfoundland, “this store is amazing”. Another Newfoundland element we added was an ugly stick a time long tradition of a Newfoundland musical instrument used while mummering at Christmas time. It’s made from a broom handle (being totally Canadian we used a hockey stick) and an ol’ rubber boot, a tin can here and there and a crap load of beer caps, “some lovely craft beers was consumed in the making of the “ugly stick” add a large coffee can for the head & a mop as the hair. Voila, an ugly stick was made. Pick it up, bang it around and beat on it with an old wooden spoon… this was our request for kissing at the reception instead of clinking wine glasses which we deemed too hard on the ears and probably not safe for the glasses.

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