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Top Engagement Rings Of 2013

Today, especially as 2013 is slowly coming to a cold and windy close, I thought I would share this infographic from Simply Bridal on the top 10 engagement rings of 2013.


I personally am a massive fan of number 3 – the oval cut. Below is also a list of my five favourite engagement rings from a beautiful online custom jeweller Rare Earth who can be found here on Etsy. Their gorgeous rings are made-to-order and can be purchased in any golds – yellow, white or rose, and also in palladium and platinum, (I love their rose gold rings!) and also sets so you have the perfect match your engagement ring! Below are my favourites. 


14K Rose Gold Green Amethyst Ring – £517.25
14K Orange Sapphire Ring  – £637.49
14K Vintage amethyst Art Nouveau Engagement Ring – $572.99
14K Blue Sapphire Emerald Cut Engagement Ring – £2,545.56
14K Pear Morganite Rose Gold Ring – £701.36

Which is your favourite Rare Earth ring?

Accessories Ahoy! Introducing – Lynette Dodge of Steal Her Style Boutique

Rebekah’s back with a sparkling (and spiky) edition of Accessories Ahoy!

Sorry for the big gap between posts. It’s been a manic time for me. I couldn’t keep away for too long though. I’m returning with something I truly love – introducing people to amazing finds. I came across Steal Her Style Boutique on instagram. I began re-posting some of the images on my instagram. I contacted Lynette Dodge and she shared with us about her boutique.

Introducing … Lynette Dodge of Steal Her Style


When was the boutique created?
“It was created in 2010”

How did the boutique start?
“My love for fashion and all thing related to it has led me to open an online Boutique called Steal Her Style. This name came about as so many celebrity related fashion trends seem to want to be adored by many of us females out there…So to re-create and inspire their looks at affordable prices Steal Her Style came about.  Continue reading

ACCESSORIES AHOY! Introducing – Jade Murray of Ginger Pickle

Today I’ll be handing straight over to Rebekah who has had the chance to chat to one awesome lady whose products I’ve had the chance to wear recently!

I started writing blog posts for a very simple reason. I would spend hours finding images or sites that I loved and wanted to share it with others. Inspiration can come to you in many forms and I hope that what I post will inspire you. One such find is the online boutique Ginger Pickle.

Ginger Pickle is an online boutique created by the beautiful and talented Jade Murray. It is filled with affordable handmade gifts from British designers that you will want to check out. I had the privilege of finding out her inspirations and favourites from the boutique.

Introducing …

Jade Murray of Ginger Pickle

What was the inspiration for starting your boutique?

“I set up Ginger Pickle shortly after graduating from art school [Aberdeen, Scotland]. I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do as a career and it was at this moment I decided to set up an online shop full of everything I love. I love creativity and want to promote the wonderful artists and designers I have came across over the years.” Continue reading

Divine Without The Dollar: Tuesday 20th November

In Marry Me Ink’s last edition of Divine Without The Dollar, for a chance to win a fabulous Calender, I asked for your ideas on what you would like to see on further editions of DWTD (Yes, I’ve shortened it!). I am very excited to be bringing new and exciting editions to you these next few weeks!

Today’s edition of Divine Without The Dollar consists of one thing – BLING! Glitter, gold, diamonds, gems – they’re all there! Enjoy!

Here is the list and link to all the fab items featured from ModCloth!

Half Past Swoon dress, Gold Coast heel, Mango Your Own Way heel, Betsey Johnson The Way It Discos wedge, Mosaic Me Crazy earrings, Glamour Of The Gardens earrings, Feature Presentation Earrings, Rock The Weekend ring, Opt For Opulence bracelet, Fili-greet The Day bracelet, Versailles Of The Times necklace, Geode To Beauty necklace, Radiant Romance bag, Gold Habits clutch.