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A DIY, Bohemian Celebration Of Love – Roxie & Paul


Today I get to share with you this gorgeous intimate Manchester wedding with a bohemian vibe from Icon Photography Studios. Roxie and Paul did everything themselves – Invitations, flowers, decorations and dress alterations! 


I actually met Paul through Facebook four years ago! It sounds ridiculous but we had friends in common and I friend requested Paul as I knew he was a photographer and had worked with a lot of my friends who were models. I had seen pictures of him on Facebook at a burlesque event he had attended and he was wearing a pinstripe suit, he caught my eye straight away. I then sat up all night looking at all his photography images on Facebook and liking them. Which lead to Paul waking up the next morning to over fifty likes on Facebook, which definitely got his attention! I just didn’t know he had already been through my pictures and I already had his attention!


We then started talking via inbox, which turned to texting then meeting up for our first date! We went out to an alternative student night in Manchester that involved lots of cider, laughing a lot and at the end of the night kissing up against the wall outside like teenagers! I knew I felt a special connection that night but I didn’t want to rush things so we arranged to meet the day after and we have not been apart since! We are truly best friends.

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Love Letters – A Winter Walk In The Woods


Today I get to share with you Sam and Shane’s cosy woodland engagement shoot and their amazing story of how hard work got to where they are today. Their engagement shoot was by the amazing Northern based Dan Hough Photography.. I can’t wait for their wedding!


We met at a rock pub in Manchester through friends. As we lived two hours away from each other, we worked very hard to make sure we saw each other – sometimes only for a night a week.

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Love Letters – “The Best Present Of My Life”


Today I get to share with you Katie and Oli’s engagement shoot, who have the cutest proposal story ever by the way, from the super awesome  Dan Hough Photography, one of my favourite Manchester based wedding photographers.


Well, we definitely don’t have a love at first sight story.. I’ve known Oli since i was 16 when I worked as a waitress at a local bar and restaurant and he was training to be a manager. He’s always made me laugh but I’d never looked at him in any other way than a friend until about 7 years later. Oli went to Australia for a few years and when he came back in 2010, we had the same group of friends so we spent a lot of time together hanging out and then, as they say, the rest is history.


All of our friends had already called it between us and not one person was surprised when we got together. I think they all saw the spark before we realised it.


Oli proposed on Christmas Day 2012. He told me he used to play this game when he was younger with his sister at Christmas where they would blind fold each other and have to guess the presents that were being passed to them. So that happened to me, I was handed presents with clues and then had to guess what each one was. The final present was silence and I couldn’t feel anything, so I took my blindfold off and there he was on one knee with this beautiful ring and on our chalk board next to him read ‘fancy spending your life with me’ and that was that! The best Christmas Day of my life! We still have that chalk board with those exact words on. It turns out he never use to play that game with his sister and it was just a way of blindfolding me so I didn’t think he was being weird!


I cant say that tattoos have affected choosing my dress as I only have a tiny circle behind my ear that I will admit I had done a little bit tipsy at a festival. I was having such an amazing day with my friends so I wanted us all to get ‘the circle of trust’. 5 of us did on the day and now I think nine of us in total have it somewhere on our bodies, including Oli.


I guess that would mean we have matching tattoos, but they were done when we were just friends. Tattoos wouldn’t have affected how I chose my dress as they are there for a reason – why wouldn’t you show them off. I do have a bridesmaid who is covered in them and her dress will be showing all.
One of Oli’s friends who is a tattoo artist drew us an engagement picture and a couple of months later, Oli got it tattooed on his forearm. That’s a very special one to me.
How cute are Katie and Oli? I do love their engagement story. Thank you to them both and to Daniel Hough Photography for sharing with Marry Me Ink today. Be sure to leave them some love!
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When Two Trees’ Roots Join And Become One – Heather & Max


Tattooed bride Heather and Max married in June.  A friend took photographs for them on the day of their wedding.  After they returned from Honeymoon some of their wedding suppliers got together with photographer Hannah Dornford-May  and ‘recreated’ their day on location in Heather’s grandparents beautiful garden.  Here’s their story..

Heather and Max met on their first day at University.  They were good friends for seven years before finally falling in love.   However, after taking seven years to fall in love, Max then couldn’t wait to propose.  He started to think about how he was going to propose to Heather, but just jumped in and asker Heather before he had even bought the ring! Heather immediately said YES.

When they started to plan their wedding Heather and Max knew they wanted a very informal relaxed affair and here they tell us about their day.


Our wedding was different..  There were lots of different elements as it was very personal to us and not very traditional. We wanted an outdoorsy wedding with a countryside feel and we wanted  a really relaxed family atmosphere.   It was important that we had lots of little touches which were special to us and which family and friends were involved in.  For example, Max’s mum made lots of buttonholes for the groom and the guests.

 Our celebrations started the evening before our wedding when we had a relaxed meal with our guests and then we all had breakfast together the next morning.   After breakfast, we all went to the ceremony on a lovely vintage bus.  We just wanted all our families together; because we both come from a divorced family we wanted everyone in the same room and it to be really intimate.   Our wedding was alternative but really good fun.  


We’ve never smiled so much. When we both went into the ceremony everyone said we were both just like Cheshire cats the whole way through. There were so many people there with us to share the experience and it was such a wonderful day. 


The tree tattoos were inspired by one of our wedding readings.  The reading was taken from ‘Captain Corelli’s Mandolin’ which explains how you know you’re in love if two tree’s roots grow together and become one tree instead of two and that really stuck with us so we both decided to get tree’s done with their roots showing as a symbol  of our marriage.  It’s a way for us to remember it without  being typical tattoos. 

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