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A Pennsylvania Brewery Wedding – Elyse & John


Tattooed bride Elyse and her husband John were married at Stoudt’s Brewery in Adamstown, where Oh, Karina Photography shot their wedding. Elyse got her dress from Asos and it looks amazing! I got a chance to speak to both her and John about their wedding day..


John: There are a lot of highlights from our day to choose from, but what still sticks in my mind is the realization I had later on in the reception that the day had gone so well in so many ways. I’d look around the room and see everyone entertained in one way or another. Dancing, chatting around the tables, toasting at the bar, smoking cigars in the open air. We, Elyse and I, could move from one circle to the next, individually or together, or withdraw for a few minutes and be by ourselves, and everything continued on regardless. It was the realization that we’d surrounded ourselves with exactly the atmosphere we’d talked about in the months leading up to the wedding; we didn’t have to be the center of attention, but we could be. We didn’t have to try to be everywhere at once, because our guests were enjoying themselves regardless of our immediate presence. We were able to enjoy our own wedding which, as surprising as it ought to sound, some couples don’t get to do.

So yeah, there are individual moments, but it’s really the culminating realization that lingers and will continue to linger in my memory. At the end of it, and for the days and weeks afterward, we were able to say to ourselves, honestly, that our wedding was a lot of fun for everyone, ourselves included.

Elyse: Agreed on that, but I personally loved the dancing. I always love to dance, and the positive energy that John just described gave me the freedom to not worry about a damn thing and just go dance. The DJ hit my musical taste right on the nose, too.

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A Graffiti, Rock and Roll Wedding in Pennsylvania – Meghann & Rick


Today’s wedding takes places in both a theatre and a lighthouse! It’s super awesome, also there’s a bespoke graffiti piece that was designed for Meghann & Rick. With photography from NikkiMayDay Photography, I’m excited to share with you Meghann & Rick’s story!


I met Rick on my first day when I started working at a local Juvenile Detention Facility. We worked with teenage boys and girls who had mental health and drug and alcohol issues. We stayed friends for a few years, and then when we were out with co-workers one night, we started hitting it off and realized that there was some attraction. We dated for about 3 years, and then he proposed on my birthday! 


“Having a whole room of friends and family and people who care about you is an amazing rush!”


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